What is the Calmest Doodle Breed? We Investigate

A Doodle is a cross between a purebred poodle and another purebred dog. There are so many doodle breeds to choose from – over 40 in fact, so finding one with a calm temperament can be daunting.  You need to be sure the breed you choose is a breed which will ultimately fit into your lifestyle, and at the same time you can meet its needs.

In this article we will be paying particular attention to the calmest of the Doodle breeds and learning what contributes to their placid nature. Whether you are a family with young children, have limited house space or have busy lifestyles – the great news is that there are breeds which will slot in perfectly with your lives as long as you are honest about your expectations.

The calmest Doodle breeds are Bernedoodles, Cavapoos, Golden and Mini Goldendoodles, Newfiedoodles and Mini Newfiedoodles, Saint Berdoodles, Swiss Berdoodles, Labradoodles and Maltipoos. Every dog has a different personality though, and it’s advisable to see at least the dam before choosing one.

It is vital at this stage to point out that not all doodles are 50% poodle, there are different generations, and this will ultimately play a part in choosing what is right for you. It is important to research the breed of dog mixed with the poodle, as this will contribute considerably to its personality traits. The combination of poodle and the cross breed needs to be carefully considered.

It is important to understand the temperament of a poodle before deciding on its cross breed. Poodles come in three varieties which include the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle and the Toy Poodle. The variety of poodle makes no difference to their temperament, it simply means each is a different size and weight. With regular exercise poodles can be calm and loyal dogs who love to please their owners. They are highly intelligent and great fun to be around.

Listed below are some of the calmest doodle breeds I have found. Be sure to read to the end where I will reveal my favorite one from the doodle breeds!


Mini Poodle mixed with a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – popular with families consisting of young children due to their placid yet playful nature. Cavapoos are fairly quiet dogs too, they do not tend to bark much. They are an outgoing breed who make wonderful pets, they will settle in any household although they do thrive in bigger settings.

Arnie the Cavapoo


A poodle crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog – this breed is renowned for being intelligent, yet calm by nature, requiring only moderate levels of exercise. Bernedoodles do not shed much fur at all which can be a big positive, especially for people with allergies. They are great with children and other dogs providing they are well socialized. They are easy to train and love to be kept busy.

Goldendoodles and Mini Goldendoodles

Poodle / Mini Poodle mixed with a Golden Retriever – considered to be very loyal and the perfect addition to a home with children, or a first-time pet. The Goldendoodle is one of the few large breeds that do not shed. Due to their intelligent nature they are used as therapy dogs as well as guide / assistance dogs.

Oscar – F1B Goldendoodle


There are three sizes of the Labradoodle depending on which poodle the Labrador is crossed with – Standard, Miniature or Toy. Again, a great dog if you want a calm, loyal dog and this breed also does not shed much, providing the coat is inherited from the poodle side. These dogs have been known to assist autistic people, help with depression and several other conditions.

Teddy – Mini Labradoodle

Newfiedoodles and Mini Newfiedoodles

Standard Poodle mixed with a Newfoundland, or a Mini Poodle mixed with a Newfoundland – also referred to as Newfypoos and Mini Newfypoos. There are other generations of this breed, such as a mini poodle mixed with a mini Newfypoo, however all generations of this breed are considered one of the calmest breeds of all. They also make great therapy pets, which demonstrates their placid temperament.

Saint Berdoodles

Poodle crossed with a Saint Bernard – popular due to their affectionate nature, commonly considered as Gentle Giants. Widely chosen by those searching for a calm, loving dog. They are larger dogs so this must be a factor when considering this breed for your own family. They do like to be around either other dogs or family members, they do not enjoy their own company so much.


Tricolor mini Bernedoodle mixed with a tricolor Aussiedoodle – due to the cross the Swissdoodle is widely considered a calm, laid-back breed. Swissdoodles bear a resemblance to Mini Berdoodles and often get mistaken for one. They have beautiful tricolored coats, and are considered to be very healthy due to additional hybrid vigor (defined as “increased vigor or superior qualities arising from the crossbreeding of genetically different animals”).


A cross between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle – this breed is known for being loyal and gentle by nature. They are highly intelligent dogs who love to learn and exercise and can fit into any household, large or small.

Molly the Maltipoo


So, we have now determined the calmest of the Doodle breeds but how do you decide which to go for? It really depends on your personal circumstances but as a rough guide if you have children then the ‘right fit’ would be dogs with a very patient temperament who enjoy lots of attention such as Bernedoodles, Labradoodles, or Goldendoodles.

If you have a modest sized home with limited space then perhaps you would be more suited to Maltipoos, or Cavapoos.

All the above breeds need and enjoy daily outdoor exercise so be sure you are committed to this to bring out the very best in your new puppy. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of taking time when making such a big decision. Seek advice from knowledgeable dog owners, research the breed and always ask to view and spend time with the dam (and sire if possible) to get a feel for their temperament.

So, which is my favorite? I love them all but if I really had to pick my favorite Doodle breed it would be the Saint Berdoodles. They are amazing, I love big dogs, I’ve always been around big dogs, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the dog from Beethoven truth be told! They really are gentle giants.

Related questions

At what age do Goldendoodles calm down?

Goldendoodles, like all dog breeds, are very energetic and excitable in their early puppy stages. They do tend to settle down a bit around the age of 12 to 15 months, although still very keen on walks and exercise. Like with most dog breeds, the more attention and love you give to your dog the calmer and more responsive he will become. This doesn’t mean to say that they won’t still get excited by new things – they will, but as they get older, and as long as they have their needs met they will calm down as they mature and learn.

Are Labradoodles aggressive?

In a word – no, they were not bred with the intent of making guard dogs or being aggressive towards people or other dogs. They are popular with families due to their friendly, energetic natures. However, any breed of dog can become aggressive if their basic needs are not met. Labradoodles need socialization with other dogs and people, they need love and a safe environment along with an adequate amount of daily exercise. If they are not given these basic requirements, then it can lead to an unhappy dog who becomes destructive and even aggressive in some situations.

Do Bernedoodles like to cuddle?

Oh yes, they love nothing more than family time and are such good-natured dogs. They are extremely tolerant of children, making them a very popular breed. A great advantage of Bernedoodles are that fact they are more hypoallergenic – great news for allergy sufferers who also enjoy cuddles!