What is a Moyen Goldendoodle? All is Explained

You have done your research and feel you’re getting the hang of all this Doodle chat. You know your Labradoodle from your Goldendoodle and your Standard from your Miniature when all of a sudden, another curveball is thrown when someone offers up a Moyen Goldendoodle.

But what is Moyen? What does it mean for the Goldendoodle? Whether you have an inkling or not the foggiest, read on for a quick rundown on this more unusual term. By the end not only will you know your Moyens from your Minis you will understand what differences and similarities to expect across the Goldendoodle sizes.

What is Moyen?

Coming from the French word “Moyen” the term translates to “medium” in English. When it comes to Goldendoodles it is used to describe a dog that falls in a spectrum of the larger end of a Miniature Goldendoodle and the lower end of a Standard Goldendoodle. Effectively a dog that would be considered medium-sized.

Where does Moyen Come From? Is it Poodle or is it Golden Retriever?

The term Moyen arises from the Poodle side of the Goldendoodle family tree. Poodles, as a purebreed are generally only recognized in three categories Toy, Miniature and Standard. In reality, though, the range of height and weight covering from the Miniature right up to the Standard is quite wide.

As such some breeders began to focus on breeding Poodles that fell somewhere in the middle. This was not just a case of crossing a Standard and Miniature in the hope of a medium-sized offspring.  Rather it was a program of selective breeding, matching two smaller than average Standards or alternatively two larger than average Miniatures to promote uniformity of the litters.

Think of a bigger than average Miniature that would still be considered small for a Standard. While this size is unlikely to be considered good form for a show dog it has great appeal as a domestic dog as being a little more robust than a true Miniature while not taking up as much space as a Standard Poodle.

How Popular is the Moyen Goldendoodle?

Goldendoodles of any size remain consistently popular in both Europe and the United States. The cross makes the incredibly affable Golden Retriever more accessible to many who previously would have been put off by their high shedding coat and some of the health issues that befall the purebreed.

The Moyen Goldendoodle is proving to be highly sought after with many owners seeing them as the perfect middle ground between a large Standard Goldendoodle and the diminutive Miniature Goldendoodle. There are generally rarer than their other counterparts which can further drive demand as many people seek out new and different members of the Doodle offerings.

How is the Moyen Goldendoodle Achieved?

Unlike the Poodle, the Golden Retriever does not have different size classifications and is considered overall a medium to large dog that stands at approximately 21 to 24 inches and weighs 55 to 75 pounds.

To create a Moyen Goldendoodle it is logical that a Golden Retriever on the smaller end of the averages would be selected. In simple terms, a Moyen Goldendoodle can then be achieved by crossing a Moyen Poodle to the smaller Golden Retriever.  A smaller Golden Retriever reduces the risk of the Goldendoodle pups taking after a Golden Retriever parent who is particularly tall and ending up large themselves.

As there are no breed standards for the Goldendoodle (as it is a hybrid), a Goldendoodle can also be considered Moyen just based on its height/weight regardless of the parent Poodles classification. A Moyen Goldendoodle could occur if a Miniature Poodle was crossed with a larger than average Golden Retriever for example and the resultant pup was considered in the Moyen Goldendoodle height/weight range as outlined below.

Size Comparison Tiny/Toy, Miniature, Moyen, Standard Goldendoodle

Please see below for an estimated guide of size and weight characteristics for each Goldendoodle type. It is worth noting that as there is no definitive breed classification for the Goldendoodle and these sizes are slightly open to interpretation. There is also an element of overlap in height between the Miniature and Moyen and the Moyen and the Standard. 

There is less of an overlap in weight which needs to be considered alongside height when deciding if a Goldendoodle really falls into the Moyen category. This is because a Moyen should be noticeably slimmer than its Standard sibling and chunkier than a true Miniature.

Type of GoldendoodleHeightWeight
Tiny/Toy8” to 13”7lbs to 15lbs
Miniature13” to 20”15lbs to 35lbs
Moyen19” to 21”30lbs to 40lbs
Standard20” to 24”50lbs to 90lbs

Are There Other Differences to the Mini and Standard Other than Size?

There are some differences that come in terms of exercise needs as a result of the Moyen being the middle of the Miniature and Standard Goldendoodle varieties. A Moyen will be slightly more robust than a smaller offering meaning they may be able to keep pace for longer on more challenging hikes or outdoor activities. They will still be outperformed in stamina by the biggest Standard siblings though.

Generally speaking, the Goldendoodle’s easy going, friendly and loyal temperament is consistent across all sizes and generations however some owners do note the Miniature to be slightly stronger willed and independent. Being the stereotypical “middle child” the Moyen has been known to display a good blend of large and small dog personalities. 

As with all dogs, parents’ temperament, health, training, and environment can all have a much bigger impact on behaviour than size.

The other key allure of the Moyen Goldendoodle over the Standard is the fact they will literally take up less physical space. For those who don’t quite want a small dog the Moyen represents a middle size that is less physically fragile while still being adaptable to apartment living or those with smaller outdoors spaces.