The Moyen Poodle: 11 Things you Should Know

Most people are aware of three size categories of the Poodle clan namely the Standard, Miniature and Toy however there is a lesser known fourth option known as the Moyen Poodle. Perhaps the term is new to you, read on to find out 11 key facts about this particular exotic sounding member of the Poodle family.

What is a Moyen Poodle?

If, like myself, your high school French has become a little rusty you may need a refresher as to what Moyen translates to in English. Thankfully, there is a number of online translation tools that confirm that Moyen is a French word meaning “medium”.

This is exactly where the Moyen Poodle fits in, it is the middle size between the large Standard Poodle and the small Miniature Poodle. This results in a dog that is robust and larger than the lap style Miniature or Toy variety however not as large as the giant breed Standard Poodle.

Where do Moyen Poodles Come from?

Moyen Poodles are generally thought to have originated in Europe particularly in the German and French regions. The Moyen Poodle was achieved by selective breeding of smaller-sized Standard and/or larger Miniature Poodles over decades to create a predictable size trend.

Generally in Europe Moyen Poodles are achieved by breeding two Moyen parents together. There is some evidence that in the USA, where the size is less prevalent, of breeders attempting to cross Standard Poodles with Miniatures Poodles to achieve offspring that would fall into the Moyen size range.

This is generally less predictable and can result in variations in the litter or even a whole litter that takes predominantly after their larger or smaller parent and falls out with the Moyen range.

Moyen Poodle Size

The Moyen size is not presently recognised by the American Kennel Club as they recognise any Poodle over 15 inches in height as a Standard and any Poodle which is greater than 10 inches but smaller than 15 inches as a Miniature.

This is typical of most Kennel Clubs and as such the Moyen falls into the unusual category that it is commonly recognized worldwide as means of describing a smaller Standard Poodle however it would be seen as an outlier in size and be ultimately unable to meet most competition standards.

This is because in real life purebred Standard Poodles are generally significantly taller than 15 inches with average adult sizing in the region of 23 to 27 inches. A Standard Poodle around 15 to 18 inches would appear significantly smaller in amongst most of its fellow Standards.

The Moyen straddles the height bracket of a tall Miniature and a Small Standard and is generally expected to be between 14 and 18 inches in height. Female Moyen Poodles are generally about 10% smaller than their male counterparts.  There are some instances of heights up to 20 inches still being considered Moyen however this would be a larger example.

Moyen Poodle Weight

Again, as the Moyen is not necessarily recognized by most kennel clubs the Moyen’s weight generally straddles the higher end of the Miniature Poodle classification and the lower end of the Standard Poodle expected weight. A Moyen Poodle on average will weigh between 20 and 30 pounds when fully grown.

Weight should always be looked at in conjunction with height as in some instances a dog could fall into the Moyen weight bracket however if it is shorter than 14 inches this could be more of an indication that it is an overweight Miniature Poodle. Similarly, if a Standard Poodle in the region of 25 inches only weighed 30 pounds it would be considered significantly underweight.

Are Moyen Poodles Hypoallergenic?

It is always worth remembering that the concept of a fully hypoallergenic dog is essentially a myth. In reality when we think of a hypoallergenic breed, we are really thinking of a dog which is less prone to fur shedding. Shedding fur often carries dander (flakes of dead skin cells) which is one of the main causes of pet allergies.

The good news is that just like all members of the Poodle family, the Moyen exhibits the classic curly coat. This sheds minimally and also serves to trap any naturally flaking dander. This can be removed by regular grooming in a ventilated area and prevents dander from being deposited around the home which can increase allergy symptoms.

Other sources of allergies can include the enzymes present in dog saliva and urine. Moyen Poodles are not prone to drool which reduces the risk of saliva allergy and their intelligence means they often quickly take to house training.

As such the Moyen Poodle is considered a good choice for those who experience mild to moderate allergies to dogs. If someone experiences a severe dog allergy it may not be feasible to have any dog no matter how minimally they shed. In the event that a new owner experiences a reaction to the dog, a reputable breeder should be willing to accept a return on the dog however this is not always guaranteed.

How Much do Moyen Poodles Cost?

As always, the price of any dog can vary greatly in response to regional demand, number of breeders and changing breed popularity.  In addition specifics of color and gender can further vary the price even within one litter.

Moyen Poodles are less prolifically bred in the States therefore their rarity can attract a premium price. Where they are more established in some European regions the price can be less. The credentials of the breeder and the quality of the parent dogs can also have an enormous impact on the cost.

Just as in the case in purchasing any dog, potential owners should undertake appropriate research into the breeder to ensure health screening for common genetic conditions have occurred and also where possible have the opportunity to view the parents.

At the time of this article, an average price for a well-bred Moyen Poodle puppy would be in the region of $1500 to $3000 in the States or between £2000 and £2500 in the UK.  This can fluctuate significantly in response to a number of factors and should be considered a rough guide only.

While not routinely handed into rehoming shelters it is always worth checking if there is an existing Moyen Poodle that could be in need of a home prior to purchasing from a breeder.

Moyen Poodle Temperament

Just like all members of the Poodle family tree, the Moyen inherits the trademark intelligence, agility and trainability so often associated with the breed.

The Moyen in particular, lends itself well to being a family dog as their size means they are more robust that the tiny Toy or smaller Miniature variety. This means they can better withstand the occasion unintentional rough handling of an over exuberant young child or toddler.

Being smaller than the largest Standard Poodles they are also less likely to knock over or injure children by accident during a spirited play session.  Being smaller also reduces their food requirements which can lower monthly ownership costs. In addition, they take up less physical space in busy homes that their larger Standard siblings.

The Moyen is large enough though to demonstrate a good level of physical stamina and endurance. A Moyen Poodle will make a happy running or hiking buddy and will need a good level of varied physical and mental exercise to keep them happy and prevent them from getting into too much mischief.

Moyens can exhibit some of the Poodle tendency to anxiety and do not generally cope well with extended periods on their own. They thrive most in homes where they are routinely in the company of their owner. Socializing them early and with a variety of different dogs and environments can also ensure you raise a confident well-rounded pup.

Do Moyen Poodles Bark a Lot?

The Poodle breed in general is considered to be a moderate barker. This means while they don’t generally bark for no reason, they are alert and intelligent dogs which can be easily overstimulated and can become bark responsive to even minor triggers.

The good news is that anecdotally Poodle owners, including those with the Moyen variety, report that their intelligence generally makes them amenable to training. Consistent and positive training that seeks to desensitize your Poodle to known triggers will often quickly yield rewards and lead to a quieter life for all.

Do not expect your Poodle to ever be completely silent though, their protective streak means they will retain a level of watchdog traits to ensure the safety of their loved ones.

When do Moyen Poodles Stop Growing?

While their larger Standard cousins can take on average up to 2 years to be considered fully grown the slightly smaller Moyen has normally reached its adult height at approximately 18 months. They may continue to add some weight for a few months after this but are unlikely to become any taller.

A Moyen Poodle puppy’s growth is not a steady increase though, generally, they exhibit extremely fast growth in the first 6 to 9 months of their life and can be up to 90% of their adult height by then with the remaining 10% growth occurring much more slowly until around the 18-month mark.

What Colors can Moyen Poodles be?

The Moyen Poodle can come in a variety of solid colors namely:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Gray
  • Cream
  • Apricot
  • Red
  • White
  • Brown
  • Café-Au-Lait

Although rarer there are instances of Moyen Poodles with a “Parti” coloring e.g., where the dog exhibits a coat that is 50% or more white with random patterning of one of the solid Poodle colors commonly black, brown, gray, or red. This patterning is rare and usually less common in Moyen Poodles due to their tendency to be bred with other solid color Moyen’s and the overall lower frequency of the breed.

In terms of coat appearance, just like all other Poodles it is generally tightly curled however can be specifically managed to take on a corded appearance. While the Moyen Poodle size may mean it is an outlier for any show competitions it is often favored for grooming competitions. The fact that it is larger than the Toy or Miniature varieties means there is an opportunity to display more defined cuts and styles.

Is a Moyen Poodle and a Klein Poodle the Same Thing?

Essentially, yes. As discussed above a Moyen Poodle is essentially the medium-sized poodle between a Standard and Miniature. The Moyen term was coined in France where the breed is particularly prolific however it is also extremely evident in the German region where the term Klein Poodle is more prevalent. Klein Poodle translates to small Poodle referring to the smaller size of the Medium poodle in comparison to the Standard.

There is some disagreement with where the Moyen firmly originated with the term Moyen suggesting it was France however it is generally accepted that the true origins are in Germany. Hence why most of Europe refer to the Moyen as a Klein Poodle.

Less commonly the Moyen can sometimes be referred to as a Barbone , a Chien Canne, Canniche or French Poodle.

More commonly now the term Medium Poodle is becoming more readily recognized than both Moyen and Klein.

In Conclusion

While the Moyen Poodle is not generally accepted as a definitive Poodle size for most Kennel Clubs which would impact its ability to compete in show tournaments, their size remains a desirable option as a companion or family dog.

The Moyen’s varied colorings in conjunction with the nature of their instantly recognizable curly Poodle coats means they are often used to exhibit in grooming shows and exhibitions.

They represent a happy medium of robustness without the need for the larger food bill and physical space required to comfortably house and care for a full-size Standard Poodle. Their intelligence and trainability mean they can be a good option for even novice dog owners.