9 Small Poodle Mixes (that Stay Small)

As we all know Doodles come in all shapes and sizes due to the sheer variety of the breeds which are used. In this article, we are concentrating on the pint-sized versions of the Poodle mix phenomenon. Dog size is categorized into small, medium, and large. You may hear terms such as giant and teacup also used but these are not formally recognized but just go some way to describe dogs who fall outside of the classifications.

It is worth bearing in mind when you are looking for small Poodle mixes that the term ‘teacup” is a marketing tool. Purposely breeding dogs that are abnormally small is most often done by using the runt of the litter. This in itself does not only pose many risks for mom but for the litter themselves in terms of health.

Small Poodle Mixes

With dogs, the size category that they fall into will be based on their weight. In our sister article, what is the largest Doodle Breed you can access a comprehensive list of small, medium, and large Doodles. However, we are here to look at small Doodles and specifically, those that stay small. Based on our small Doodle breeds table we aim to arm you with the knowledge of 9 small Poodle mixes (with cute photos) to help you decide who is your favorite.

NB: Please do bear in mind that these Doods can vary quite radically in appearance despite having a similar lineage. For example, Lola and Maggie whose photo you can see under our Lhasapoo title are in fact full sisters (from separate litters).


Ralph the Bolonoodle

Average Height at Shoulder: 10” – 12”

Average Adult Weight: 5lbs – 9lbs

Coat Type: Many Bolonoodles will be white in color like their Bolognese parent but due to the Poodle having such a variety of color genes and patterns you will see other options. They will have a single coat and are considered to be low risk to those with allergies as both their parent breeds are typically low shedders. Their coat type will vary from wavy to curly and will need regular maintenance in order to keep it in tip-top condition.

Description: Loyal and affectionate this adorable little Doodle is crossed with the Bolognese whose history lays in Italian nobility but don’t let this little one’s size fool you. They may be small, but they are full of energy, and whilst this doesn’t mean they will need long walks they will need a way to burn it off. A short walk, trip to the dog park, a run around the yard, and plenty of games can all do the trick and will keep their mind active too.

The Bolonoodle is intelligent and easy to train but that also means that will need plenty to occupy them to keep them out of mischief.


Piper the Yorkiepoo

Average Height at Shoulder: 7” – 15”

Average Adult Weight: 3lbs – 14lbs

Coat Type: High maintenance coat ranging from wavy to tight curls. This coat is likely to need daily brushing with regular grooming to boot. Various colors are seen including both solid and a mixture of different colors.

Description: The Yorkiepoo is a cross between the Miniature or Toy Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier. Loving and intelligent this playful little pooch will be as happy sitting on your knee being pampered as they will running through fields chasing a ball. Keeping their mind active is important, they inherit the Poodle intelligence and are quick to learn new commands and tricks.

They can run fast and jump high so agility training would be a great way to exercise them physically whilst also providing lots of mental stimulation. They will shower you in love (regardless of whether you want it or not) and like the sound of their own voice. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as they can make a great watchdog.


Sophie the Pomapoo

Average Height at Shoulder: 8” – 10”

Average Adult Weight: 5lbs – 15lbs

Coat Type: The coat color of the Pomapoo is varied due to the many different colors in which the parent breeds are available. As with all Doodles, the first generation (F1) will have the trademark mustache and beard (this is because the gene responsible is dominant so they only need one copy which they will always inherit from the Poodle).

Their coat type can vary to favor either parent breed but again, F1’s will always inherit the curly gene. That doesn’t always mean curls though and they can vary from wavy to tightly curled. All coats will need to be maintained well with regular brushing and grooming.

Description: The Pomapoo is a mix of the Poodle (as with all small Doodles usually the Toy or the Miniature) and the Pomeranian. Like many small dogs, the Pomeranian was a royal favorite, especially with Queen Victoria of England who loved these little companions. This trait has stayed with the breed and you will find now that the Pomapoo will happily be your pampered lap dog whilst their exercise needs can be adapted to your lifestyle.

The Pomapoo will be a great mix for other pets so long as they are introduced early and socialized well. This little buddle of friendliness sure has a personality that far exceeds their diminutive dimensions.


Bella the Cotonpoo

Average Height at Shoulder: 9” – 12”

Average Adult Weight: 8lbs – 15lbs

Coat Type: They typically follow in their Poodle parent’s footstep and have a low shedding coat that goes some way to being hypoallergenic making them a low risk for allergy sufferers. They will need regular brushing like most Doodles and have a variety of color options which will be dependent on their Poodle heritage.

Description: The Coton de Tulear, known as the “Royal Dog of Madagascar” due to them being the lapdog of choice to the Madagascan nobility were discovered by French tourists who introduced them to Europe in the 1960s. They eventually made their way to the US after a little fine-tuning and were registered with the AKC in 2014.

Both the Coton de Tulear and the Poodle are known for their clownish behaviors so when you mix them to create the Cotonpoo you are bound to have a Doodle who will entertain you. They will be easy to train and eager to learn new tricks. They love their people, and your bond will be strong. For this reason, the Cotonpoo is not a Doodle who is going to do well in an empty home so is best suited to those who are around for them the majority of the time.


Lola & Maggie – Lhasapoo Sisters

Average Height at Shoulder: 9” – 13”

Average Adult Weight: 10lbs – 15lbs

Coat Type: Largely depending on which of the parental genes are most dominant the Lhasapoo is likely to have a coat of long and wavy proportions. Should you choose to keep their hair long daily combing to keep it tangle-free will be necessary. You can reduce this maintenance requirement by having their coat kept shorter.

Description: Like the Yorkiepoo the Lhasapoo can be a very effective watchdog due to their inherent need to alert their owners to any stranger activity. The Lhasa Apso was originally used by Tibetan monks for this very reason and the trait has been bred well.

The Lhasapoo has a lower exercise requirement than many Doodles so is a great fit for less active families and apartment living. They will still need a daily walk, outside access to go potty, and lots of playtime to bond. Loving and loyal this attention-loving Doodle will be your best friend and protector.


Poppy the Poochon

Average Height at Shoulder: 9” – 15”

Average Adult Weight: 6lbs – 17lbs

Coat Type: Like the Cotonpoo the Poochon gains its color from the Poodle side as the Bichon Frise is white. They are usually solid in color and a great choice for allergy sufferers as both parents are low shedding breeds. Both parent breeds also carry the furnishing gene which means your Poochon will always have the classic Doodle mustache, beard, and shaggy eyebrows regardless of their generation. These will need regular maintenance alongside their coat.

Description: The Poochon can have a feisty streak so this Doodle is going to be better suited to families of children who are old enough to understand that rough and tumble isn’t appropriate for a small dog who may not have the best levels of tolerance. We always advise that children and dogs should never be left alone. This is for the safety of your dog as much as your child.

That said, the Poochon is a playful little soul who will love to please you by learning new tricks and commands. Not only eager to learn but they are easy to train too due to their intelligence.


Ernie the Bidoodle

Average Height at Shoulder: 9” – 15”

Average Adult Weight: 6bs – 18lbs

Coat Type:  Bidoodles will generally have tight curls that need regular maintenance to keep them tangle and detritus free. Like the Cotonpoo they will inherit any color other than white from the Poodle side and will usually be a solid color.

Description: This happy little lapdog is a favorite of seniors and those who live in apartments due to their low exercise needs. They will love to perform for you in order to gain your attention and in return, you will be rewarded with lots of affectionate woofs and licks.

Talking of woofs, the Bidoodle can be a yappy little Doodle who often has an extensive repertoire of barks, whines, and whimpers. It can sometimes be difficult to potty train as their small bladder may not be able to hold for a longer period of time. They often suffer from separation anxiety and we would only recommend to those who are able to spend most of their day with this loveable little Doodle.


Lucy the Shihpoo

Average Height at Shoulder: 8” – 18”

Average Adult Weight: 8bs – 18lbs

Coat Type:  Shihpoos have an eclectic mix of colors and patterns and you will see many across the breed. Each parent has a curly coat and a straight coat so first generations will inherit the dominant curly gene. However, this doesn’t always present as a tight curl and your Doodle may have a wavy coat. As you move down the generations there is also the potential for a straight coat to present. Either way, you will need to keep it clean and tangle free with regular bathing and brushing.


Whilst the Shihpoo doesn’t have high energy needs they are an intelligent breed so their minds will certainly need to be kept active with lots of playtime on top of their daily stroll. Crossed between the Poodle and what is possibly one of the oldest breeds, the Shih Tzu, this pintsized pooch will make a wonderful loving companion for the right family.

There is the potential for a stubborn streak which may sometimes make training a little more frustrating but positive reinforcement and consistency are the keys. They may not be the best breed to have around small children. Whilst not known to be aggressive they may not have much patience for rough and tumble.


Comfy Maltipoo

Average Height at Shoulder: 8” – 14”

Average Adult Weight: 5bs – 20lbs

Coat Type:  The Maltipoo can come in a variety of colors, inherited from their Poodle genes, although they are most often solid. They range from wavy to curly, but all will need regular maintenance in the form of brushing and grooming to help to keep them in tip-top condition.

Description: The affectionate and gentle Maltese and the goofy, intelligent Poodle bring us the Maltipoo. Known for their calm nature they make great therapy dogs and seem to have an instinctive intuition. Despite their size, they are active and require plenty of physical and mental exercise.

Lots of playtimes to keep both the mind and body healthy and active will be rewarded with a friendly and loveable lapdog who is content on your knee and in your company. They can be yappy, like many small Doodles. Whilst this can make them a great watchdog it important to teach them when it’s appropriate to be noisy when you are obedience training to avoid unnecessary noise.