8 Poodle Mixes that Tolerate Being Alone

An important question to consider when committing to a new dog is just how happy they are to be left alone frequently?  Some dogs tolerate being alone more than others. We set out to explore 8 Poodle mixes which are considered happy to be left to their own devices as part of their normal routine.

Some dogs can get quite anxious about being left and although this can be dealt with through training it might be best to stick to a Doodle less prone to separation anxiety. We have rounded up 8 Poodle mixes that tolerate being left alone. However, this list isn’t exclusive. If you do encounter any separation anxiety issues be sure to take a read of our sister article Doodles and Separation Anxiety – What You Need To Know

Poodle Mixes That Tolerate Being Left Alone

Not all dogs will happily spend large parts of the day on their own and some are prone to separation anxiety.

Due to the temperament of the Poodle, most Doodles do not do well being left on their own for any time. However, some fare better than others, especially for shorter periods.

We have focused on the Doodle breeds that cope better with spending periods of time alone as long as their basic needs are met.

Bringing a dog home will inevitably mean leaving them home alone from time to time so we hope our guide will help you when choosing a Poodle mix.


Personality: Affectionate, Good with Children and Pets, Intelligent, Playful.

Energy Level: Moderate

Separation Anxiety: Only if left alone too much or too often.

Suited To: Apartments, small homes, larger ones, families with or without children.

Description: Known for their super smart and friendly personalities, these Poodle-cross Maltese dogs are a great choice of companion. They will suit family environments with children and other animals (with the correct training and socialization of course).

Maltipoos need a fair amount of physical exercise which includes at least one good walk a day. They can be left home as long as it’s not for too long, ideally 4 to 6 hours as a maximum. Any more than this then you might find your dog suffers from anxiety. They are adaptable dogs and will happily live in a small home as long as they have access to outdoor spaces.


Personality: Friendly, Sociable, Great Family Dogs, Smart, Love to Play.

Energy Level: High

Separation Anxiety: Not a common problem

Suited To: Larger homes with a yard.

Description: Poodle meets Labrador, this breed is known for its intelligent and very friendly natures. They do have a high energy level so committing to a Labradoodle entails lots of walks and exercise outdoors as well as playtime indoors.

They can be quite chilled out dogs when they get the physical activity they need and will be happy to relax at home when you aren’t around. They do ideally need space to roam both indoors and outdoors so may not be very well suited to small apartments with no yard.


Personality: Cuddly, Quiet, Friendly, Easy to Train, Good Natured.

Energy Level: Moderate

Separation Anxiety: Only when left alone for many hours frequently.

Suited To: Any size home as long as they receive adequate exercise and play time.

Description: With a Cockapoo, you can expect a quiet, friendly, and very good-natured dog. Cockapoos are a cross between a Poodle and Cocker Spaniel and have a moderate energy level. This means they will need regular walkies to remain their usual happy selves but will equally be happy with cuddles and lap time.

When you are preparing to leave your Cockapoo home alone try to keep the hours as short as possible. Anything over 4 to 6 hours they may struggle with loneliness and of course, needing to go potty. Cockapoos will be suited to any type of accommodation as long as their exercise is regular and consistent.


Personality: Friendly around kids and other pets, Loving, Intelligent, Great Companion Dogs.

Energy Level: High

Separation Anxiety: Not Common

Suited To: Can live happily in apartments along with larger homes.

Description: This cute little bundle is a Poodle cross Yorkshire Terrier and is a relatively small breed. This means apartment life will suit them fine with daily walks in the outdoors and if possible, access to a yard or communal area.

They do have high energy levels and love nothing more than being walked and played with. As long as their needs are met then there is no reason not to leave Yorkiepoos alone when needed. They are not a breed prone to separation anxiety as the norm and will be happy to rest when left to their own devices.


Personality: Outgoing, Playful, Smart, Loyal.

Energy Level: Moderate

Separation Anxiety: Only when left alone too long each day. (4-6 hours max)

Suited To: All accommodation types with a good exercise routine.

Description: When Poodles are crossed with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you get the Cavapoo. Loyal and playful are two words used to describe this breed and they are happy on their own for up to 6 hours a day.

They are well-adjustable dogs and can be suited to most accommodation types. They have moderate energy levels so these must be met to ensure your dog will be happy when you leave the house without it. Cavapoos are a great choice for families with children due to their gentle and caring nature.


Kevin the Sheepadoodle (with thanks to his ‘hooman’ Jacqueline Fessenden)

Personality: Smart, Sociable,Great Therapy Dogs, Mild-Tempered, Calm.

Energy Level: High

Separation Anxiety: Possible, but not usually a big problem.

Suited To: Larger breeds will do better in a roomy home with a yard.

Description: A larger breed due to the Old English Sheepdog influence, Sheepadoodles can offer so much to families. They are commonly used as therapy dogs because of their calm and intelligent personality.

It’s this mild temper that means they adapt well to being home alone and don’t usually suffer from separation anxiety. They do have a high energy level so if they haven’t walked adequately every day don’t be surprised if they do become unhappy alone. Due to their size, this particular dog breed will be most comfortable in a roomy home with a yard.


Personality: Affectionate, Gentle, Clever, Sociable, Loyal, Playful.

Energy Level: High

Separation Anxiety: Not if they are well exercised before being left and only for short periods.

Suited To: Spacious homes with yards.

Description: Goldendoodles are one of the more popular Doodle breeds and the Golden Retriever cross has many wonderful qualities. They are well suited to families due to their gentle, calm, and affectionate natures.

Separation anxiety isn’t a common trait found within this breed as long as their high energy levels are satisfied with good daily walks and lots of playtime. Again, being a larger Doodle breed they do better in bigger living spaces with regular outdoor access a bonus. Goldendoodles are popular among first-time owners due to their glowing personality.


Personality: Great Companions, Keen to Learn, Can be Timid, Loves Walks.

Energy Level: Moderate

Separation Anxiety: Can be left for shorter periods (up to 4 hours)

Suited To: Houses or apartments with a fenced yard are highly desirable.

Description: Peekapoos are a Poodle crossed with a Pekingese and make great companion dogs. They do love being around their human family so there is a possibility of some separation anxiety if left for long periods.

Shorter periods are fine though as long as they have a garden to roam in before you leave, and they have adequate exercise. They have moderate exercise needs so bear this in mind when you need to leave them alone and where possible, walk them beforehand. They will happily live in smaller homes as well as larger ones but a yard is desirable.

In Summary

The common theme running with all these Doodles is to make sure you know and understand and are meeting your dog’s physical needs. No dog will be happy on their own for hours on end or if they haven’t had any exercise or toileting before being left. 

The size of your home will also come into the equation. If you do not have a yard they can use regularly you will need to take your dog on more walks. Many dogs will happily be left on their own when required and this shouldn’t be a problem with the breeds above providing it’s not for long. It is, of course, worth remembering every dog has its own personality. 

With all that said, we implore you to remember that owning a dog is a commitment and if you are not going to be around for long and regular periods then now isn’t the time for you to be proud Doodle parents.