Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix: Unearthing the Facts

Are you looking for the perfect lap dog? A tiny companion who will bring you love, loyalty, fun, and confidence. With an overwhelming number of breeds and cross breeds, it can be an arduous task to know where to begin when deciding which is the best fit for you.

Let us take some of that hard work away from you by introducing the Pomapoo Shih Tzu mix.

Pomapoo History

One of the designer dog generation, the Pomapoo is crossed between two Germanic breeds; the Toy Poodle and the Pomeranian. The Pom was originally a larger dog when in his native Germany. Weighing up to 14kg when they were first introduced to the UK by the wife of George III, Queen Charlotte.

However, over time and with the input of Queen Victoria some 100 years later, they were bred down to the size we know today.

FUN FACT: Six of Queen Victoria Poms were shown at the world-famous Crufts in 1891. And they won!

The Toy Poodle is again, bred to be smaller than his original duck hunting size to become a firm favorite with the elite and nobility as a companion dog.

The Pomapoo finds its origins in the United States as breeders embarked on a mission to create a friendly and accessible companion dog who didn’t shed as much as his Pomeranian cousin.

In crossing these two majestic pocket rockets we are left with a friendly, easy-to-train, and welcome addition to any household from apartment to mansion. He is not suited to long periods on his own and doing so may lead to behavioral issues and depression.

Active and intelligent he will relish a midday stroll as much as an agility or brain game. He will form a close bond with his family and be loyal and loving.

Coat type can be inconsistent, especially with first crosses (F1). However, a good breeder will ensure that they take the right genes forward to create the best possible outcome in terms of shedding and likely grooming requirements so make sure you do your research.

Shih Tzu History

This pint-sized breed has historically regal connections. The Shih Tzu was prominent in Chinese history and even revered as sacred. There are accounts of Emperors favoring these dogs as far back as the 1880s.

For a period of time, they were solely allowed to be owned by royalty and anyone found owning one outside the palace walls could be sentenced to death. Thankfully this is no longer the case and this cute, energetic and excitable little dog is a popular domestic pet the world over.

The Shih Tzu has distinctive facial characteristics and fluffy mane-like fur which has seen them referred to as little lion dogs, in fact, their full title “Shih-Tzu Kou” in traditional Chinese translates to the same.

While the breed made the jump to the West in the early 1930s it was from around the 1970s that breeders became more prolific with the popularity of small dogs at that time as companions for wealthy women who wanted dogs that were easily transportable and retained a small puppy-like appearance for life. The Shih Tzu fit the bill perfectly.

What do you Call a Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix?

There is little evidence of this cross further than accidental litters so a good, strong, and memorable name is not yet out in circulation.

The Pomeranian Shih Tzu mix is known in the doggy world as the Shiranain but where can you go with that once you add the Poodle into the mix?

When you cross the Poodle and the Shih Tzu we’re given the Shih-Poo, how will adding the Pomeranian into the mix change the semantics?

In the absence of anything solid for this cross already, here at Know Your Doodles, we would suggest, if not just for the comedic value, a Pomshih-Poo.

Why is the Pomapoo Shih Tzu Cross Being Bred?

As previously mentioned, there is little evidence to suggest that this cross is being deliberately bred. One advantage would be being able to infuse the delightful Pomeranian into the mix whilst negating the shed that they can be known for.

That said, there are never any guarantees and certainty, in an F1 cross, a variety of coat types can present, even in the first litter.

If a no shed Pomshih-Poo is what you are looking for you are going to need to do extensive research to find a breeder who has taken their breeding program to the point of being able to ensure they can deliver your needs. Anything less is purely a gamble.

Is the Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix Ethical?

The Pomapoo and the Shih Tzu are very well matched from a size point of view with their height and weight being similar. This means that both natural insemination and the whelping process should not cause any issues for the dam.

The good size match should also mean that any litters produced should be of a fairly consistent size notwithstanding the outliers than can come with any match (think the runt).

There are then two schools of thought when it comes to cross-breeding. There are the ardent purebred fans who believe that the breeding process should only be to improve the purebred and mixed breeds are nothing but mongrels. They see cross-breeding as diluting the lineage of the purebred.

The flip side of this argument is that by introducing different breeds to each other you can counteract any over-prevalent health issues which occur in certain breeds, and most breeds have their ‘own’ problems. This is known as hybrid vigor and you can read more about it in our what is the healthiest Doodle article.

Ultimately these are opinions and you, dear reader, will have your own. However, what is important is that whatever breed you do decide will be the best fit for your family you must ensure that you use a reputable breeder who is not only breeding for all the ‘correct’ reasons but that all the appropriate health checks have been done on both the dam and the sire.

The Benefits of a Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix

Combining two breeds with such complimentary and matching personality traits is unlikely to ever end in disaster. Both the Pomapoo and the Shih Tzu are affectionate, friendly, and outgoing breeds. This means that your Pomshih- Poo, with the correct socialization and training as a puppy, will be an ideal fit for a wide range of families and households.

Whilst he is likely to be a lively and active addition to your home, his sensitive and loyal nature will also mean that he will be more than happy to curl up on your knee, being pampered and loved.

Both breeds are known for their vocal ability and whilst this trait will also appear in our ‘cons’ section it does mean that your Pomshih-Poo will be a fantastic watch dog who will readily alert you to any visitor or strange goings-on on his ‘turf’.

Be careful not to confuse a watchdog with a guard dog though, whilst your Pomshi-Poo is likely to let you know there is an intruder his welcoming nature is also likely to mean he’ll roll over for a belly rub once he has warned you of their presence. You can read more about the differences between a watchdog and a guard dog in our sister article “is a Labradoodle a good guard dog?”

Another benefit of the Pomapoo Shih Tzu cross is his size. Unlikely to grow bigger than 20” and weigh more than 16lb this pooch is suitable as much for apartment living as he would be for a 2-acre backyard. This doesn’t mean that he won’t need exercising should you be an apartment family but he certainly won’t be too big for your pad!

The Cons of a Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix

The obvious con is the mix of three breeds but as we have already discussed, providing that he has been reputably bred this is a subjective matter.

Your biggest problem is probably going to be finding a Pomshih-Poo. We have extensively researched and have yet to find any purposely bread Pomapoo and Shih Tzu crosses.

As mentioned in our benefits section the sound of his own voice can be as much of a con with the Pomshih-Poo. Whilst being a great watchdog, he can also have the potential to get you on the bad side of your neighbors with his barking. Especially if you live in an apartment.

With adequate and consistent training the barking can be quelled but it is a conceivable problem that you need to bear in mind when making your decision on breed.

Whilst small, or Toy dogs come with many benefits it is also worth remembering that they may not always be compatible with your smaller family members. Although children need to be taught to be mindful around all pets, their sometimes rambunctious ways can inadvertently lead to injury in the smaller canine.

What to Expect from the Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix

Size and Weight

Due to their rarity, this will purely be based on comparing the size and weight of the parent breeds and making an educated assumption.

The Pomapoo will, on average, measure between 8” and 10” to the withers. They will weigh, usually, between 5lbs and 15lbs.

Whilst compatible size-wise, the Shih Tzu is slightly larger measuring up to 11” and weighing up to 16lbs.

Using these size guides, we can reasonably estimate that your Pomshih-Poo will weigh in, on average, between 5lbs and 16lbs and be somewhere between 8” and 11” in height.

Color and Coat Types

Again, with little evidence to go on, we can only speculate, with a modicum of genetic understanding, what color and what coat type you’re Pomshih-Poo will wear.

Pomapoo’s are in their own right an eclectic bunch sporting black, brown, white, and red colorings amongst others. They can be a solid color and they can be parti colored too.

Whilst part Poodle, there is no guarantee that they will not shed although if they do it is likely to be light. Their coats are usually short to medium and can range from wavy to curly to straight.

In contrast the Shih Tzu sports a long, flowing, and dense double coat. Like the Poodle they have hair, not fur meaning that they are low shedders. Most have straight hair but can present as wavy in some dogs. 

Again, there is a plethora of colors and patterns displayed by the Shih Tzu and these include black, blue, and red. When white is introduced to produce a bi-colored dog there are 14 color combinations for this breed.

In conclusion, without genetic knowledge of both the mom and dad one can only guestimate the coat type and color of your Pomshih-Poo puppy by looking at the parents. However, you can expect a combination of any of the above, possibly even within the same litter.


Hybrid Vigor may go some way to reducing prevalent health issues found in the Poodle, Pomeranian, and Shih Tzu but as with most things in life, despite having to pay taxes, there are no guarantees.

The small stature of the Pomshih-Poo can mean they are more prone to conditions such as luxating patella and other joint issues. They are also more likely to meet with injury so be mindful of their surroundings and risk assess for potential accidents.

Eye problems also cross the three breeds used in this mix with Pomeranians and Shih Tzus being prone to cataracts and Toy Poodles predisposed to progressive retinal atrophy which is a degenerative condition of the retina. This is one reason why a breeder should be making sure that health checks are done on all dogs before entering them into their breeding program.

Otherwise, the Pomshih-Poo should be a healthy dog with an average lifespan of between 10 and 16 years.


With complimenting traits brought from both the Pomapoo and the Shih Tzu you can expect their offspring to be outgoing, friendly, and affectionate.

The little dog with a huge personality, with the Pomshih-Poo you can anticipate a loving, gentle and sociable companion. One thing to bear in mind is that the Pomeranian can be more reserved than the Shih Tzu and Poodle so if there are some dominant Pom genes your pooch may be more reserved around those he doesn’t know. As with all dogs, early socialization and consistent training are imperative to bring the best out in their mammoth personalities.

Intelligence will be almost guaranteed given the history of the Pomshih-Poo lineage. Stimulating their brain power is as important as attending to their physical needs as boredom can lead to mischief and unhappiness. Your four-legged friend will love teasers and brain games, their favorites being the ones that garner a reward.

The Shih-Tzu Pomapoo cross really will be your best friend. All three breeds forming his genetic make-up were bred as companion dogs, he is here to love you and be loved in return. Be mindful that this will mean he won’t do too well for long periods on his own so if you’re out in the office 9-5 or trucking state to state he won’t be the right choice for you.

Exercise Needs

Both the Pomapoo and the Shih Tzu have moderate energy levels meaning that an hour a day should give them everything that they need from the physical side. This doesn’t all have to be in one walk and can be split into two or three throughout the day.

Sniffing, walking, exploring, and some off-leash time in either your backyard or a secure area are all good ways to meet the needs of your Pomshih-Poo

However, always be mindful that he is a Toy breed and therefore easily injured. Risk asses outside areas for hazards and dangers to minimize any harm.

Feeding Requirements

Feeding requirements are always a guide in the first instance and should be tailored to each dog’s individual needs based on their size and activity levels.

Typically, the Pomshih-Poo will require 90g of food per day based on an average size. This should be split between two and three meals over the course of the day.

Feeding raw, wet, or dry will be largely down to personal choice and pooch preference but if you are ever in any doubt please don’t hesitate to speak with your veterinary surgeon or a specialist canine dietician.

Smaller dogs are usually prone to weight gain, so it is important that you limit the treats and household scraps that your Pomshih-Poo grazes on. An overweight dog is at risk of many other conditions which can involve the heart and the joints.

In Conclusion

Well, there we have it, everything Pomshih-Poo! We hope that you have enjoyed learning about this exciting Doodle cross and should you feel that this lively and affectionate little dude is the breed for you then we wish you luck with your search to find him.

If you are still unsure but a Toy Doodle cross is definitely on your radar why not take a look at the Maltipoo Papillion Mix, there may be some subtle differences that help you make your choice.