Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix: Our Research Shared

For those with a love of small dogs, the Peekapoo Chihuahua presents a match of one of the smallest purebred dogs, the Chihuahua, and one of the tinier Doodle hybrids, the Peekapoo.

If you are already dreaming up images of a pint-sized shaggy-haired pup with undeniable Chihuahua sass, a rambunctious Peekapoo spirit and a serious set of puppy dog eyes then read on to find out more.

Peekapoo History

Okay, first off let us just take a moment to appreciate possibly the best Doodle hybrid name: the Peekapoo. This delightful cross of a purebred Pekingese and purebred Toy or Miniature Poodle makes for a low-shedding, compact-sized, sweetly tempered companion pup.

While we can confidently trace the routes of the Poodle back to Europe and the Pekingese to China, where and when the first Peekapoo originated is a bit trickier to pin down. There are reports of the cross being actively bred as early as the 1950s ahead of many of the common day Doodles.

The Peekapoo gained popularity in both the United States and the UK in the 1960s and has been consistently bred albeit in smallish numbers until the increased popularity of Poodle crosses in general from the early 2000s onwards.

Fast forward to today and there are social media groups and websites devoted to the diminutive, little Peekapoo where owners remark on their rambunctious spirit and adaptability to family life.

Chihuahua History

Taking their name from the state in Mexico where they are thought to have originated, the Chihuahua is thought to have been around from as far back as the mid-1800s. As tourist travel from Northern America to Mexico began to increase, many Americans purchased these unusually small dogs while on holiday returning home to keep them as pets.

The breed did not grow massively in the 1900s when the idea of a pure companion dog was still a luxury, many people instead chose dogs that could also double as hunting and/or guard dogs. Unfortunately, although plenty sassy, the diminutive Chihuahua is not going to be able to do much to protect its castle or hunt down prey.

It wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s when perceptions changed and people began to own dogs more commonly for companions only, that the Chihuahua took off in popularity. A 1990s advertising campaign for a fast-food taco chain used the Chihuahua heavily and catapulted the breed into the common consciousness. It has stayed there ever since, often ranking in the top 20 breeds in both America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

What do You Call a Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix?

After trawling the net, there is no recognized name specifically associated with this cross. The Chihuahua has already been crossed with the Poodle to create a Chipoo and the Pekingese crossed with Chihuahua has earned the title of Pekachu.

Now to come up with a name to suit a pup that is 50% Chihuahua, 25% Pekingese, and 25% Poodle. Here at Know Your Doodles, we think the best title would be the Peekapoo-huahua. Now that would earn you some serious Scrabble points!

Why is the Peekapoo Chihuahua Cross Being Bred?

Despite our best hunting, the simple answer is that this cross is not being actively bred by any professional breeders that we could find. There were private listings for litters which appear largely to be the result of accidental domestic pet crosses.

Is the Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix an Ethical Cross?

Hybrid crosses are largely accepted these days as long as consideration is taken for the health of the two parent dogs. It is more difficult to resolutely comment on the ethics of a Peekapoo Chihuahua cross when, as mentioned above, most appear to occur from domestic breeding.

Unlike professional breeding, there is less likelihood of health screening and records of lineages when buying from an amateur breeder.

The Benefits of a Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix

As with any hybrid containing Poodle genetics, the allure is often the chance of reducing shedding and dander which may make this cross accessible to those with allergies. Both the Pekingese and Chihuahua shed though and as this cross is only 25% Poodle it is probable that they may still shed.

The other benefit is the chance to have a very small dog, that will adapt well to small space living while still displaying the playfulness and character of the parent breeds.

The Cons of a Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix

If we are being honest, the biggest con will be trying to source one of these elusive scamps. This means you may consider an amateur breeder. However, they come with fewer guarantees and also the potential for health problems.

As mentioned above there is also unpredictability about what this pup may look like. The Peekapoo and the Chihuahua although similar in size have two very different coat types which can lead to a great variety in litters, meaning there is no guarantee what your adult Peekapoo Chihuahua mix may look like.

What to Expect from the Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix

Size and Weight

To predict the potential size of a Peekapoo Chihuahua cross we have to make an estimate based on the parent’s size as there are not a great deal of documented litters.

An adult Peekapoo can be up to 12″ in height and weigh between 12lbs and 20lbs.

The Chihuahua is often referred to as one of the smallest dog breeds. They can stand at 6″ to 9″ in height when fully grown however they are much lighter coming in at as little as 3lbs to 6lbs.

As the Chihuahua is so small, breeders will generally try and find one that is on the larger end of the averages to pair with a more petite Peekapoo (often who has had Toy Poodle parentage).

The resultant Peekapoo Chihuahua cross can be expected to be in the region of 9″ to 12″ and be anywhere between 6lbs to 15lbs.

Color and Coat Types

The Peekapoo Chihuahua cross will be a mix of both the Peekapoo and Chihuahua’s coat types and colors. 

The Peekapoo has an adorable wavy, dense, teddy bear like coat that will be more hair-like than fur. Colorwise they can be, silver, gray, white, buff,  sable, red, cream, apricot, chocolate, and black. The Peekapoo also boasts an impressive array of bi and tri-color markings.

The Chihuahua by comparison has a varied coat type and can be long-haired or short-haired. The long-haired variety will have a fluffier appearance with the short-haired variety having a sleeker, shorter, flat-haired appearance.  

In terms of color and patterning, the Chihuahua brings quite a variety. They can be black, mahogany, chocolate, fawn, gold, blue, gray, silver, red, or tan. Most commonly though they are tan and chocolate.

When selecting a Chihuahua to cross with a Peekapoo, many will choose a longer-haired variety as this is more comparable to a Peekapoo’s coat length. If a short-haired Chihuahua is used the resultant cross could take after that parent and have a short coat that doesn’t express the desired curly Doodle type coat.

A Peekapoo Chihuahua cross coat will likely be low shedding, curly, and require regular brushing and trimming. The most common colorings are likely to be browns, blacks, whites, and tans.


A well-matched Peekapoo and Chihuahua have the potential to create a healthy litter of hybrid pups. However, there are some conditions present in both the parents which have the potential to be passed on. Most of these relate to their small stature and would be applicable to any small breed dogs. These include:

  • Dental issues
  • Luxating patellas
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Some eye conditions


The Peekapoo Chihuahua cross will inherit aspects of each parent breeds temperament. The challenging (or some would say fun part) is that as the cross is not yet highly bred we have no way of knowing with certainty what that will look like.

The hope is that the Peekapoo’s inquisitive and friendly streak could counteract some of the more reserved aspects of the Chihuahua. Likewise, the Peekapoo is known to be fairly prone to barking which may be tempered by the Chihuahua’s less vocal leanings.

In reality though, there are no guarantees. It is worth remembering though that while genetics play some part in your pup’s behavior what tends to have a much bigger impact is the training and early socialization offered up to them.  

Feeding Requirements

As a Peekapoo Chihuahua mix is unlikely to be above 20lbs in weight when fully grown they will not break the bank with their food bill. 1 to 1.5 cups of good quality dry food split over 2 meals is likely to be sufficient. As a petite pup though it is important to remember they will be susceptible to quickly gaining weight and feeding may need to be adjusted based on individual activity levels.

Exercise Needs

A Peekapoo Chihuahua mix will be a lively little dog however little legs can only sustain short bursts of energy. This is not a dog to accompany you on grueling hikes or long runs. This is a pooch for those who can commit to two walks around the blocks per day and a willingness for indoor games and fun.  An outdoor yard will not be essential, making this an option for those living in cities and smaller apartments.