The Yorkie Poo Pomeranian Mix Investigated

Today we are exploring all things Yorkiepoo Pomeranian. Two fan favorites when it comes to small dogs that have a lot to offer, why compromise on such a fun and friendly personality? If you haven’t heard of this cross then you aren’t alone, but today we will be telling you all about why the Yorkiepoo … Read more

Cockapoo Havanese Mix: Info and Facts

Today we carry on our exploration of niche breeds, bringing to you the facts and information on the dogs you may have never even heard of before. So settle in and read on as we break down this uniquely Cockapoo Havanese mix. Parent History Cockapoo This cross originated in the 1960s making it one of … Read more

Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix: Chi-Maltipoo Facts

If you like your Doodle hybrids decidedly on the smaller size, look no further, the Maltipoo Chihuahua cross may be the little dog of your dreams. This pint-sized offering brings to the table some undeniably cute physical characteristics in addition to a loving yet spunky nature. If we have piqued your interest read on as … Read more