How To Breed A Tri-Color Bernedoodle

The tri-color Bernedoodle is one of the most sought after varieties but can also be one of the hardest to breed. Waiting lists can be very long, often with no guarantees at the end of it. Why are tri-colors so difficult to breed? What makes a successful tri-color litter? Do the different generations of Bernedoodles … Read more

Do Bernedoodles Smell? What You Need to Know

Even the best-kept homes will fall victim to smells if your home is shared with a dog. There is no such thing as an odorless dog, but some will be smellier than others. We delve into the world of smelly dogs. Are male Bernedoodles smellier than females? Do health issues cause bad odors? Is regular … Read more

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Goldendoodle First Year: A Complete Guide

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Goldendoodle Colors: A Complete Guide

Doesn’t everyone love a curly-haired baby, especially one of the four-legged variety? If you’re new to the wonderful world of Goldendoodles then you could be forgiven for assuming that they come in just one color. However, the clue isn’t in the name here. Depending on the coat and color of the bitch and stud, and … Read more

What is the Calmest Doodle Breed? We Investigate

A Doodle is a cross between a purebred poodle and another purebred dog. There are so many doodle breeds to choose from – over 40 in fact, so finding one with a calm temperament can be daunting.  You need to be sure the breed you choose is a breed which will ultimately fit into your … Read more