Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix: Chi-Maltipoo Facts

If you like your Doodle hybrids decidedly on the smaller size, look no further, the Maltipoo Chihuahua cross may be the little dog of your dreams.

This pint-sized offering brings to the table some undeniably cute physical characteristics in addition to a loving yet spunky nature. If we have piqued your interest read on as we delve into what we could expect from this rarer crossbreed offering.

Maltipoo History

The Maltipoo is a popular Doodle cross in its own right. Comprising of Maltese and usually a small Miniature or Toy Poodle parents, this small breed is favored for its forever puppy-like appearance. The addition of Poodle genetics allows for greater variation in their coat color and type than the pristine white straight coat of the Maltese alone. 

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Chihuahua History

Taking their name from the state in Mexico where they are thought to have originated, the Chihuahua is thought to have been around from as far back as the mid-1800s. As tourist travel from Northern America to Mexico began to increase, many Americans purchased these unusually small dogs while on holiday returning home to keep them as pets.

The breed did not grow massively in the 1900s when the idea of a companion dog was still a luxury, many people instead chose dogs that could also double as hunting and/or guard dogs. Unfortunately, although plenty sassy, the diminutive Chihuahua is not going to be able to do much to protect its castle or hunt down prey.

It wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s when perceptions changed and people began to own dogs more commonly for companions only, that the Chihuahua took off in popularity. The 1990s advertising campaign for a fast-food taco chain used the Chihuahua heavily and catapulted the breed into the common consciousness. It has stayed there ever since, often ranking in the top 20 breeds in both America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

What Do you Call a Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix?

There are some cases of this cross documented online with the names attributed to them including the Chi-Maltipoo or occasionally the Malchipoo.

Why Is the Maltipoo Chihuahua Cross Being Bred?

Firstly, this cross is not being widely bred, there is some sporadic reporting of litters however, they will not be as commonly found as either the Maltipoo or the Chihuahua respectively. There could be a few reasons for this.

Some prospective owners can be skeptical about a multi-generational cross, especially one that includes three parent breeds. While some would view it as an opportunity to get the best out of three different breeds, others may view it as a potential to have three different sets of less desirable characteristics passed on.

Secondly, as the Maltipoo and the Chihuahua are both in high demand as they are, some breeders may prefer to avoid overlapping.

On the other hand, in the cases where individuals have bred this cross, the owners of the subsequent litter often wax lyrical about the adorable appearance of these tiny, forever puppy-like dogs that benefit from the owl-like eyes of the Chihuahua in the fluffy coat style of the Maltipoo.

Is a Chi-Maltipoo an Ethical Cross?

The Maltipoo Chihuahua cross is an example of a dog being bred largely for cosmetic appeal. As humans, many of us are hardwired to view a small, round-eyed dog as cute. The Maltipoo Chihuahua has the benefit of retaining this appearance for life.

Some will argue that breeding purely for appearance is unethical. However, others would say that the potential to create a low-shedding, small dog with a pleasant temperament opens up dog owning (and all the mental health benefits it brings) to a whole variety of people.

In reality, breeding dogs for appearance is nothing new and is definitely not unique to the Maltipoo Chihuahua cross. Where it gets a bit murkier though, is when breeders deliberately pick the smallest example of the Maltipoo to cross with the smallest example of the Chihuahua in an attempt to create even tinier dogs.  Extremely small variations of any breed generally have the potential to experience health complications related to their tiny sizes.

The Benefits of a Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix

If the Maltipoo alone has sometimes earned the moniker of “cutest dog in the world” adding a pinch of Chihuahua only enhances this further. This cross has the potential to have the unmistakable round, dark Chihuahua eyes but with the potential benefit of a soft and fluffy Maltipoo-like coat.

The cross will invariably be compact, making for a companion dog that is incredibly easy to transport and can adjust to even the smallest of city dwellings.

The Cons of a Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix

Trying to find one, first off, may prove challenging. If you do manage to track down a litter, remember this is a less well-known hybrid offering. It is not necessarily a bad thing however having less available information makes it harder to predict things like adult temperament and weight.

As the flip side to their compact size is a plus for some potential owners, alternatively some may find their tiny size a negative. Being so small, the Maltipoo Chihuahua mix is more fragile. Families with babies or toddlers may not be a great match as children can accidentally injure these pint-sized pups with over-exuberant affection.

Size and Weight of the Chihuahua Cross

To predict the potential size of a Maltipoo Chihuahua cross we must make an estimate based on the parent’s size as there is not a great deal of documented litters.

The Maltipoo is a small breed and can be expected to be between 8lbs and 12lbs in weight and 7” to 14” tall.  The biggest factor in determining a Maltipoo’s size is whether a Toy or Miniature Poodle parent was utilized. A Toy Poodle parent will create a smaller Maltipoo while a Miniature Poodle parent will generally be resultant in a larger size Maltipoo.

The Chihuahua by comparison is more petite overall. They can stand at 6” to 9” in height when fully grown however they are much lighter coming in at as little 3lbs to 6lbs.

As the Chihuahua is so small, breeders will generally try and find one that is on the larger end of the averages to pair with a more petite Maltipoo (often who has had Toy Poodle parentage).

The resultant Maltipoo Chihuahua cross can be expected to be in the region of 6” to 10” in height and between 6lbs and 10lbs.

Color and Coat Types of the Chihuahua Maltipoo Mix

As the Maltese parent of the Maltipoo only comes in white and very light shades, the majority of Maltipoos will be fair color in the coat. Most often they are white or cream, but they do have the potential to be any variation of Poodle coloring too however, this is rarer.

In terms of coat type, the Maltipoo chosen to cross with a Chihuahua will likely be selected for demonstrating the longer curled coat that will be low shedding.

The Chihuahua by comparison has a varied coat type and can be long-haired or short-haired. The long-haired variety will have a fluffier appearance with the short-haired variety having a sleeker, shorter, flat-haired appearance.  

In terms of color and patterning, the Chihuahua brings quite a variety. They can be black, mahogany, chocolate, fawn, gold, blue, gray, silver, red, or tan. Most commonly though they are tan and chocolate.

When selecting a Chihuahua to cross with a Maltipoo, many will choose a longer-haired variety as this is more comparable to a Maltipoo’s coat length. If a short-haired Chihuahua is used the resultant cross could take after that parent and have a short coat that doesn’t express the desired curly Doodle type coat.

A Maltipoo Chihuahua cross coat will likely be low shedding, curly, and require regular brushing and trimming. The most common colorings are likely to be white, tan, cream, and fawns.

Health Expectations of the Chi-Maltipoo

Overall, the Maltipoo Chihuahua would be considered a fairly healthy crossbreed (as long as responsible choices were made regarding the parent dog’s size and build). That being said though, there are some conditions that are common in small or toy breeds such as the Toy Poodle, the Maltese, and the Chihuahua.

Some of these have the potential to be expressed in the cross and a summary is outlined below:

There are a few additional conditions affecting bone and joint health which can be more common in smaller breeds including:

  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Patellar luxation
  • Hip dysplasia

Temperament of the Chi-Maltipoo

 Both the Maltipoo and Chihuahua are lively, inquisitive little dogs meaning the same can be expected of their offspring. The Maltipoo can at times be a little reserved, even nervous. This is a trait that can be actively managed by crossing with the Chihuahua who is naturally a very confident and courageous little dog.

Both are loyal to their owners and alert; this means the resultant cross does have the potential to be a little on the barky side if not tackled with training early.  Overall, this cross offers up a compact, companion dog who will be affectionate and outgoing in equal measure.

Exercise Needs of the Chihuahua Maltipoo Mix

Given their small stature and build, the Maltipoo Chihuahua cross will have fairly low daily exercise needs. In fact, care generally has to be taken not to overexert these little dogs as prolonged exposure to extremes of cold or heat can negatively impact them.

Think a short daily walk around the block and plenty of opportunities for indoor games. They will thrive on games of fetch, puzzle games, and obedience training. Be careful in more energetic games such as tug where they could be injured. It is also a good idea to avoid them playing with larger breeds who could easily trample them.

Feeding Requirements of the Maltipoo Chihuahua Cross

As the Maltipoo Chihuahua cross is a very small breed, they require significantly less food than larger dogs over the day.  They have very small stomachs and may struggle to process food in two sittings therefore many owners elect to feed them three smaller portions over the course of the day.

Specific food amounts will be dependent on food type, activity levels, and age and stage of your dog. Being so little means they can put on weight quickly, so it is a good idea to work out ways to reward them with praise or play instead of relying solely on treats. Otherwise, you will have a well-trained but decidedly chunky little Maltipoo Chihuahua cross.