Is Waffle the Wonder Dog a Cockapoo?

You may or may not have heard of Waffle the Wonder Dog. Who exactly is he and what makes him so wonderful? Here at Know Your Doodles, we’re certain it’s the Poodle influence that makes him so special.

Take a read through our dedicated Waffle article and determine for yourself whether Waffle the Wonder Dog really is the Lassie of the Twenty-First Century and what breed he actually is!

Whilst many think that Waffle is a Cockapoo due to his Doodle style furnishings, he is in fact a red Miniature Poodle. It is likely, due to this misunderstanding, that Waffle is partially responsible for the recent upturn in the popularity of the Cockapoo.

Who is Waffle the Wonder Dog?

Waffle the Wonder Dog is the cheeky star of the BBC children’s program of the same name. First aired in the UK in 2018, the program follows Waffle and his blended family of ‘hoomans’ Jess, Simon, Evie, and Doug.

Waffle is found by the Brooklyn-Bell family when they move into their new home and his ability to find mischief – or for mischief to find him – is unrivaled. Mrs. Hobbs, the next-door neighbor, isn’t Waffle’s greatest fan as he barks too much for her liking. However, Waffle wants nothing more than to be best friends with George, her cat, resulting in lots of mishaps and trouble!

So, what makes Waffle a Wonder Dog? Well, that’s easy, he can talk and he can read but can’t all dogs? ;o)

What is a Cockapoo?

A Cockapoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel. Most often the Minatare Poodle is used to achieve the cross but it’s not unheard of for a Toy or Standard to be used in order to create different sizes.

Cockapoo’s come in all different colors including black, brown, apricot, red, and white. Sometimes their coloring is mixed with brown/white or black/white being seen most often.

The Cockapoo coat varies from tight curls like the Poodle to a straighter and smoother coat more similar to the Cocker Spaniel. Both will need regular maintenance but the curlier Poodle-like coat more so.

As previously mentioned, the size of the Cockapoo can vary dependent on the size of the Poodle used in the cross. A Standard Poodle will result in a Standard or Maxi Cockapoo and will usually be at least 15” in height and weigh more than 19lbs.

Using the Miniature Poodle, which is the most common cross will produce Cockapoos who are, on average between 11” and 14” with a weight of between 13lbs and 18lbs.

The tiny Toy Cockapoo who is achieved by using the Toy Poodle will be a diminutive 10” or under and generally weigh in less than 12lbs.

The Cockapoo is an active, intelligent, and loyal companion. Providing that they are socialized and trained appropriately they make great family pets and are comfortable around both children and other animals. They can however suffer from separation anxiety and don’t do well being left alone for long periods.

We have a whole section dedicated to Cockapoo’s where you can learn more about their traits and compare them to other Doodle breeds. Make sure you take a look at our Cockapoo category.

What Breed of Dog is Waffle the Wonder Dog?

Well, this is the $64,000 question. Most assume that Waffle is a Cockapoo. After all, he looks like a Cockapoo with those handsome, Doodlesque furnishings.

However, even though he sports the trademark Doodle beard and mustache, Waffle is actually a Miniature Poodle. In fact, Waffle is played by three different red Miniature Poodles and voiced by the aptly named Rufus Hound. Can you tell the difference?

Is Waffle the Wonder Dog Dead?

Since the making of the program Waffle has become a very popular Doodle name. Whilst there is no evidence to suggest that any of the Poodles who play Waffle the Wonder Dog have passed away, there is a very sad story of another Waffle from Norfolk in England.

Waffle the Cockapoo took chase of a rabbit from his garden one day in May 2021. Jumping over a dyke and into a local orchard he returned, not too long later, covered in blood.

It transpired that Waffle had been shot and he, unfortunately, lost an eye in the incident. Needing numerous surgeries to aid with the healing of his wounds he sadly died on the operating table a few days later.

You can read the full story in the local online newspaper by clicking here.

Can I Buy Waffle the Wonder Dog Merchandise?

Waffle is a huge hit with the kids. What more could they ask for on their birthday and Christmas list than their own cuddly Waffle (one you don’t have to chase around with a poop-a-scoop) or a new favorite bedtime storybook?

Head over to Amazon to treat your little one to the official Meet Waffle storybook. Both Kindle and paperback versions are available but we’re sure that whichever you choose, it will soon become a firm favorite.

Who doesn’t love a soft toy? Adults and children alike will love this plush 9” talking Waffle (also on Amazon). Give his foot a squeeze and you can sing-a-long to the Waffle the Wonder Dog theme tune.

Is your little one a huge Waffle fan and about to start Kindergarten? We’re sure that this Waffle the Wonder Dog backpack, also found on Amazon, will see all their friends green with envy.