Is a Cavapoo a Good First Dog? Our Thoughts

Have you reached this article because you are trying to decide which breed of dog will make a good choice as a first-time dog? Then look no further as we investigate Cavapoos and why they are popular family dogs, and what might make them a good choice.

Buying a dog is a commitment that will span for many years so getting it right the first time is an absolute must. There are things you need to carefully consider when buying a Cavapoo so let’s get started.

Cavapoos are loyal and easy to train, making them a great choice for first-time dog owners. Be prepared to invest time and money into their grooming and feeding requirements along with daily activities. Their size and laid-back manner make them suitable for apartment living if you don’t have a yard.

Could there possibly be any cons to this low shedding bundle of gorgeousness? There are definitely some things to consider, like with any dog breed. We discover the reasons Cavapoos are popular and weigh up the pros and cons.

Cavapoos – The Pros

Cavapoos are a cross between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Poodle. This means they are a relatively compact dog well suited to small living spaces as well as larger ones. This is one of the reasons they make a popular breed choice due to the fact they can adapt to most living arrangements.

Aside from the low shedding, small size, and friendly temperament what else makes this breed a suitable first dog?

  • Highly intelligent
  • Fairly easy to train
  • Suitable for homes with children and other pets
  • High life expectancy (they have the potential to reach 15 years old)
  • Exercise requirements are manageable
  • Eager to please their owners
  • Loyal
  • Fantastic companions
  • Sociable
  • Fairly laid back

The reasons above mean many families go with Cavapoos as their first family dog and have many years of doggy fun-filled days. Even with a fairly laid-back and loving dog, you must be prepared to put in the hard work to make sure they stay that way.

Training, whether it’s house training or socializing, takes commitment and patience whatever the breed. You can’t expect your dog to be friendly around others if it hasn’t learned how to do this, preferably from a very young age. They thrive from positive reinforcement training because in general, they love nothing more than pleasing their owners.

You need to put aside time every day to walk your Cavapoo. They don’t necessarily need long walks every day, often two short walks are more than enough. Alongside this, though they like attention and being given things to do so don’t just assume the walks are enough on their own.

Of course, like with most things there as some cons to consider when owning a Cavapoo.

Cavapoos – The Cons

Very few things come without a downside and the Cavapoo is no exception. It’s important to know what you could be letting yourself in for before welcoming your new pup to their forever home:

  • High maintenance in terms of grooming requirements
  • Don’t like being left alone for too long
  • Can still produce dander which may cause allergy issues
  • Need mental stimulation to avoid boredom and behavioral issues
  • Prone to weight gain

The grooming requirements for your Cavapoo are relatively high, after all, it does take time and effort to look that cute you know! Generally speaking, they need a thorough brush two to three times a week to stop any tangles from forming. It is recommended that professional clipping and grooming should take place every 4 to 6 weeks. This means factoring in the time and costs to be able to commit to this.

If you are a busy person with a full-time job, which means your dog will be alone a lot, then the Cavapoo may not fit into this lifestyle. They are sociable dogs who like the company so you may encounter behavioral issues should they be left on their own for extended periods. You may need to consider popping home during the day, having a rota in place, or hiring a dog walker.

Generally, Cavapoos are a low shedding dog but it’s important to be 100% sure you won’t have any allergies with your dog around. For this reason, it’s really important to spend time around them beforehand. Knowing the parent history is important to get a heads up on any potential health issues too. Do your homework and look into health issues associated with both breeds.

Being a smaller dog does mean they have the potential to gain weight easily so it’s important to find good quality food and have them weighed regularly. Teeth and claws will also need regular check-ups.

Did You Know: Cavapoos are often selected and subsequently trained to become emotional support dogs for people with mental health issues? This speaks volumes about the temperament of this breed if they are used to calm and relax people.

Our Thoughts

The big question is what do we think? Yes, they need regular walks and regular grooming and lots of attention but to be fair this goes for most dogs. It’s safe to assume that if you are looking to make this commitment then you’ve already considered these factors. With any dog breed it’s vital you do your research first, see both parents where possible and ask as many questions as you can.

The only time a Cavapoo won’t be suitable is if you are out of the house for long periods and will struggle to find time for your dog. However, this follows for any breed – they all crave some company in the same way humans do.

Cavapoos are small, adaptable, friendly, intelligent, and fairly low maintenance in many ways meaning they make a great first dog choice. They are content around small children and other pets and love to make people happy. If you were in any doubt about committing to a Cavapoo then we hope this article has helped and we wish you many years of happiness as first-time dog owners.