How will Your Cavapoo Look and Act as it gets Older?

The Cavapoo is an extremely popular member of the Doodle family and really, what is not to love?

An adorable pup, they often exhibit a compact face framed with a set of floppy fringed ears inherited from their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent and soft wavy to curly hair because of their Poodle genes.  It is no wonder that waiting lists for a litter from reputable breeders can be lengthy indeed.

But what can you expect from your little Cavapoo as it grows? Read on for a whistle-stop tour of some of the key features that may change as your pup reaches adulthood. We will cover growth, coat changes, and temperament to give you an idea of what to expect from your new furry family member.

Cavapoo Puppy Coat

It is not your imagination, your little Cavapoo’s puppy coat will genuinely feel as fluffy and cloudlike as they appear.  This coat is different from that of an adult dog which your Cavapoo will start to develop around six to eight months old. While there can be variation in Cavapoo adult coats from dense curls to looser waves this may not be able to be fully determined when they are a puppy.

For the most part, all Cavapoo puppies will present with a coat that is more akin to hair than fur which is light and fluffy. 

When and How Will it Change?

At six to eight months a transition in your puppy’s coat will become apparent. At this point, the thicker and more solid adult coat will start to grow through and the puppy coat will shed out.

Your Cavapoo’s adult coat will differ dependent on the dominant genes they have inherited from their parents. A Cavapoo which takes after its Poodle parent will have a shorter curlier coat which will shed less while some Cavapoo’s will inherit a longer straighter coat reminiscent of its Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent.

Cavapoo’s generally do not experience seasonal changes in their coats as other breeds may do and their adult coat will be largely consistent once grown in. Although often touted as low shedding a Cavapoo with a more Cavalier style coat is likely to still shed.

As a Cavapoo approaches its senior years some changes may be seen in the intensity of coat color and thickness of coat. This is a normal by-product of aging however ensuring a good diet and regular coat maintenance and grooming will ensure they remain in tip-top condition even into their twilight years.

Is it Generation Dependent?

Generations are terms used to classify hybrid dogs such as Doodle crosses. An F1 generation Cavapoo is the result of mating a purebred Poodle and purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to create Cavapoo puppies that at 50% Poodle and 50% King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. In this mix, there is effectively a 50% chance that they will develop a tighter curled Poodle coat and a 50% chance of a longer Cavalier coat.

As many people seek a Cavapoo for the low shedding Poodle type coat the chances of this can be increased by upping the level of Poodle genetics in the mix. This creates the F1B Cavapoo where a Cavapoo is crossbred back to a purebred Poodle which results in their genetic mix increasing to 75% Poodle and only 25% Cavalier King Charles.

What is the Average Size of a Cavapoo Both in Puppyhood and as an Adult?

A young Cavapoo puppy can often fit into the palm of an adult hand, and it can seem unfathomable that they will reach adult height.  Below is a table of the expected average weights of a Cavapoo at various points of puppyhood and into adulthood. It must be noted that these are just averages and any concerns about your puppy’s weight or growth should always be explored with your vet.

The biggest variation in your Cavapoo will depend on the size of the Poodle parent. Most Cavapoo’s have a Miniature Poodle parent to create a Miniature Cavapoo however some breeders will use Toy Poodles to create a smaller Cavapoo.

AgeToy CavapooCavapoo
1 month14.oz/ 0.4Kg2lbs/ 0.9kg
3 months28.oz/ 0.8Kg4lbs/ 1.8Kg
6 months50 oz/ 1.4Kg9lbs/ 4Kg
9 months59 oz/ 1.6kg13lbs/ 5.9 Kg
12 months70 oz/ 2Kg18lbs/ 8.2Kg

Growth Rate

The table shows that Cavapoo variations grow rapidly in the first 3 months of their lives doubling their 1-month weight by month 3. From 3 months onward the Toy Cavapoo weight gain starts to slow however a miniature Cavapoo will more than double its 3-month-old weight by 6 months before the growth rate slows. Both a Toy and Miniature Cavapoo are generally considered to be fully grown at 12 months.

A Cavapoo’s adult weight should stay largely consistent through their adulthood however it is important to adjust feeding levels in response to activity levels. As your Cavapoo becomes a senior they may need less food as they are less physically active in order to avoid them becoming overweight.

What is the Cavapoo Temperament Like in Each Stage of Life?

All dogs experience some behavioral and temperament changes as a result of growing up and the Cavapoo is no different. With an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years, you and your furry buddy will no doubt change over that timeframe.

How Does it Change?

Your little Cavapoo pup has a whole lot of work to do in terms of development. It is not just a case of growing big and strong your puppy will also go through varying stages of emotional and physical development.

8 -12 weeks

Most people will bring their puppy home at between 8 and 12 weeks and at this age your little buddy will be beginning to exhibit that tell-tale puppy mischievousness. Think of this as a toddler stage. They are curious, outgoing and the intelligence associated with the Cavapoo will already start to become apparent.  This means early pre-training type behaviors can begin.

Cavapoos can inherit some aspects of anxiety from their Poodle parentage so early socialization is key. Let your little guy meet people and experience different sights and sounds. Just be mindful that your pup will not be fully vaccinated so no exposure to public parks and sidewalks and only mix with fully vaccinated dogs.

Your Cavapoo will still need to get some serious sleeping time under their belt in order to store up enough energy for all that stimulation.

12 -17 Weeks

Enter the pre-teen or tween Cavapoo. Your puppy may start to show signs of bold independence. Putting on a ferocious display of barking for the neighborhood cat or mailman only to cower in fear from the evil vacuum cleaner. Your Cavapoo is finding their way and any confidence can quickly be knocked back by an unknown or new experience. Positive reward-based training is key to building a confident and sociable little Cavapoo.

18 – 40 weeks

In the blink of an eye, you have a teenager.  Arguably one of the most challenging phases in training and living with your little furry tyrant they will start to test boundaries can display a bit of stubbornness, and may even regress slightly in their obedience training. The good news is that the Cavapoo’s innately affable nature means their desire to please often overrides any potential teenage strop.

40 -52 weeks

Here come the hormones. If you have not chosen to neuter your Cavapoo by this stage they will be approaching sexual maturity.  This can lead to another episode of fear behaviors and loss of confidence in your puppy or conversely some dominant behaviors.

Again, the Cavapoo responds well to training. By the end of this stage, they are effectively approaching adulthood and their most exuberant behaviors should settle. That is not to say your Cavapoo will become a layabout. These little dogs are energetic and agile well into their adult years.

Will Exercise Requirements Change due to Energy Levels and Playfulness?

The amount of exercise your puppy Cavapoo will require versus an adult Cavapoo is very different. Once your puppy is vaccinated and can undertake street or park walks, a good rule of thumb is 5 minutes for each month of age twice a day.

For example, a 4-month Cavapoo would need in the region of 2x 20-minute walks per day. At 4 months your Cavapoo will also be keeping themselves more than busy at home playing, exploring, and generally causing mischief.

Once your Cavapoo is approaching 1 year old you can gradually increase their walking tolerance to up to 45 minutes to 1 hour in one walk. Toy varieties will require less.

Generally, adult Cavpoo’s will require at least an hour of outdoor physical exercise a day to keep them happy and healthy however some will happily do more. It is important to monitor your Cavapoo’s tolerance for exercise into their senior years where they may naturally become less active.