How Far Can a Cockapoo Walk? It Depends!

We all know that bringing a dog into your home and family takes some serious commitment. It’s not just about the costs, the mess, the sleepless nights, and the fact someone else is now completely reliant on you. It’s also the time you will need to set aside for walking your dog – every single day. You’ll need to embrace all weather conditions as your pooch will still need exercise whether it’s glorious weather or if it’s more like weather for ducks!

Are you considering purchasing a Cockapoo and are wondering what their walking routine will look like? We take a look at how far a Cockapoo can walk and why this answer can vary somewhat.

How far to walk your Cockapoo will depend on their age and temperament. Every dog is unique with its own personality and some Cockapoos will be more active than others. With young Cockapoos you should aim for 5 minutes of walking per month of their age.

The topic of dog walking opens up so many interesting conversations and realizations. Sometimes, walking the dog becomes a very rigid part of the routine that we stop seeing the real benefits and why your dog loves them so much. Keep reading as we take an in-depth look at walking your Cockapoo.

Walking Your Cockapoo as a Puppy

Puppies cannot walk as far as fully grown dogs can and this is the case for whatever breed you opt for. You need to be very careful when they are young that you don’t over-exert them. The general rule of thumb for dogs is to walk them for 5 minutes per month of their age.

So, for a 4-month-old pup, you should only be taking them out for 20 minutes at a time. Once they’ve reached adulthood you can walk them further and not worry so much about the length of time out and about.

Over walking your puppy won’t just tire them out too much but it can also affect their joints and muscles. When dogs are young, they still require lots of naps just like human babies do. They need to be well-rested to grow and develop healthily and walking them too much can hinder such growth. It can also hurt them as their bodies just aren’t ready for the full-on exercise of an adult dog.

Walking Your Cockapoo as an Adult

You can be a lot more relaxed when your dog reaches around 15 months of age – not before this time though. Cockapoos are described as moderately active, so they need regular exercise but don’t need a huge amount to be happy. Two walks a day of 20 to 30 minutes will be ideal for your average Cockapoo.

Both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are considered energetic dogs so it makes sense your Cockapoo will have similar activity levels. Just remember that every dog is different though, so energy levels will differ, even among the same breed.

How far you will need to walk your dog will also depend on the type of walk you go for. If your Cockapoo enjoys running around off-leash on a field or park with a ball then they won’t need to be out long. Should your Cockapoo not be great off the leash and instead walks by your side, you may need to be out longer to tire them out.

Dogs spending time outdoors tires them out so they will be calm once they return home. This is great news if they will be left alone for part of the day. One of the main reasons dogs play up when at home is due to lack of exercise.

Other Types of Exercise

Exercising your Cockapoo doesn’t need to specifically relate just to walks. Exercise can take on different forms and can suit all lifestyles and capabilities. Below we list different forms of exercise your dog might enjoy.

  • Swimming: Most Cockapoos will enjoy a good swim, and this is the perfect exercise on a warm sunny day.
  • Doggy Day Care: Why not sign your Cockapoo up for the odd daycare class? They will have so much fun playing with other dogs and it’s a great form of exercise and socialization.
  • Agility Classes:  Cockapoos will enjoy the challenge of agility with their parent genes so why not get them signed up? It’s a great way of letting them run off that steam.
  • Playtime: Simple one-to-one time with your dog will give them physical and mental stimulation. Some ball time, rope toys, running around the yard, or tummy tickles will all be welcomed by your pooch.
  • Running: Going for a jog or run with your dog will be great for both of you and will strengthen your bond too.
  • Cycling: You could go for a gentle cycle with your Cockapoo running alongside you. Just be careful not to go too far or when it’s hot.
  • Hide and Seek: Yep, really! Dogs love nothing more than looking for their owners throughout the house. If you don’t fancy hiding, you could hide some treats for your dog to seek out.
  • Training and Tricks: Teaching your pooch some new tricks provides them with great mental stimulation which is also important for their wellbeing.

When you Shouldn’t Walk your Cockapoo

In your dog’s life, there may be some rare moments when walks just aren’t possible due to certain circumstances. Don’t worry – missing the odd walk won’t be a huge deal. Sure, they might sulk and gaze longingly at the door but as long as they can get out to potty it’s ok. There can be many reasons your dog might have to skip the odd walk.

  • It’s just too hot. During the summer months, it’s always best to walk your dog either really early or late in the evening. Anything in between will just be too hot, and dogs can become ill very quickly in the heat.
  • After an operation. If your pooch has had any form of operation, including being spayed or neutered, they will usually need to refrain from walks while they recover.
  • Injury. Should you notice your pup seems to be in pain or has a limp it may also be wise to let them rest. Always seek veterinary advice if you are worried.
  • Extreme weather. As much as we love a stroll with our four-legged friends, sometimes the weather might be too bad. Extreme ice or snow, strong winds, torrential rains, are all reasons to stay safe indoors.
  • Too young. It’s not safe to walk your dog until they’ve had their appropriate vaccinations. They should remain in the house and yard until they are fully vaccinated.

The Benefits of Walking Your Cockapoo

It’s no secret that walking is a great form of exercise so a daily walk with your Cockapoo is great for getting those steps in. There are other benefits though, aside from the obvious. It’s great for getting your dog used to being around other dogs – of all different sizes and shapes. A dog who isn’t used to seeing other dogs may become aggressive or nervous. The more social your dog is, the less issue you’ll have around others.

It’s also a great time to bond and learn your dog’s different behaviors. As well as this, it’s a great time to unwind after a hectic day or a great way to start a busy day. Walking is just as good for the mind as it is for the body and often even when you don’t feel like walking, you enjoy it once you are doing it.

It’s really important to remember that dogs don’t get the same life experiences as us humans do. Their existence very much revolves around eating, sleeping, playing, and walking. They see more of the house than you do so it’s a very exciting time for dogs when they are allowed out into the world outside. This is why they get so excited when they see you preparing to go walkies with them.

My Cockapoo Doesn’t Enjoy Walks

We’ve spoken about all the benefits of walking your pooch and why they love them so much. Are you sitting here thinking you can’t relate to this at all, and in fact, you don’t think your Cockapoo enjoys their walks?

It could be that your Cockapoo is nervous and there is a trigger that heightens their anxiety. Dogs are easily spooked, and they may associate walks with this trigger. Being consistent and reassuring on short walks should help with this issue. You might consider taking a different route so they can become more confident again.

They may have something else going on that isn’t very noticeable – perhaps they are feeling unwell or are in pain. Also, dogs have off days as well just like we do and sometimes they might prefer a quiet day.

The world can be a scary place for dogs but if they are walked regularly as soon as they are able you shouldn’t encounter too many problems. If you are worried about your dog’s lack of enjoyment when it comes to walks it’s important to seek advice. A vet appointment will help rule out any physical reasons and then you can investigate other possibilities.

If you’ve been inspired by this article why not grab that leash and enjoy a stroll together now? It’s the perfect day for a lovely dog walk…