Goldendoodle Pug Mix: Info & Facts

No, you are not seeing things, in this article we really are going to take a closer look at this seemingly odd pairing: A Goldendoodle Pug mix.

While it may not be the first combination to spring to mind when people are looking for a rarer Doodle mix, it is definitely going to be a talking point.

Not unsurprisingly there is not a lot of information on this hybrid however we have trawled the net and our sources to compile a breakdown of what a Goldendoodle Pug mix could offer in terms of weight, height, coat type, temperament, exercise needs, and temperament.

Goldendoodle History

The Golden Doodle is a hybrid breed, created by crossing a purebred Poodle with a purebred Golden Retriever.

While there were likely accidental crossings of these two popular breeds many years prior, the first documented intentional breeding of a Goldendoodle was recorded in 1969. At this time the breed was developed to offer up a variation on the Golden Retriever, which was commonly used as a guide dog. Breeders discovered that crossing the Golden with a Poodle made for a curlier, lower shedding coat which was less problematic for those who required a guide dog but who also had sensitivity to dog hair and dander.

It wasn’t until the mid to late 1990s when the internet propelled a whole wealth of new and emerging Doodle hybrids into popularity, that the Goldendoodle really began to take off.

Fast forward to the common day and the Goldendoodle remains a favorite of many dog owners and Doodle fans the world over.

Pug History

The Pug is thought to have originated in China and dates back as far as 400 B.C. This slightly comical-looking petite breed has always been first and foremost a companion dog. In fact, these affable little characters were so good at endearing themselves to their humans that they often were highly prized by the richest members of Chinese society including emperors.

The modern-day Pug has gained renewed popularity with the explosion of social media where owners and aficionados of the breed share all manner of pictures and merchandise adorned with the Pug’s instantly recognizable face.

What Do You Call a Goldendoodle Pug Mix?

Now that you have got your head around even considering that this cross could exist, the next thing to hash out is what we could refer to this unusual mix as.  The name we come up with needs to cover a dog that would be 50% Pug, 25% Poodle, and 25% Golden Retriever.

We know that 50/50 Poodle and Pug makes a Pugapoo and we were a little shocked to discover the Golden Retriever and Pug have also already been crossed to be a Golden Pug.

So, a title for this cross needs to be a bit different, we suggest that a Goldendoodle Pug mix could be affectionately referred to as a Gold Pugendoodle.

Why is the Goldendoodle Pug Cross Being Bred?

This is a bit trickier to answer as, in short, the Goldendoodle Pug mix is not being bred intentionally. We scoured the internet and all our best sources however this cross remains elusive.

There are plenty of glowing endorsements of the Goldendoodle and the Pug individually, perhaps this is the reason this cross has not become prolific as no one wants to change them?

Is the Goldendoodle Pug Mix an Ethical Cross?

The biggest ethical concern in crossing the Goldendoodle and Pug would be around the size discrepancy if the largest of Goldendoodles is paired with a Pug who would be considered tiny by comparison. This could cause significant health problems in the resultant litter.

In addition, there is always a risk with unknown hybrid crosses, good health screening of the parents can help but ultimately it takes time and multiple litters to build a picture of the overall health of the new hybrid.

The Benefits of a Goldendoodle Pug Mix

If you are wondering, why anyone would even consider this cross given the apparent rarity and uncertainty about health it is worth outlining what might just be going through the mind of the person that dreamed up this odd pairing.

First off, the Pug unfortunately is a purebred dog that has developed health conditions associated with its flat face appearance. Crossing the Pug with any dog that has a longer muzzle such as the Goldendoodle has the potential to improve this.

Then there is the potential to select a parent Goldendoodle who has the desirable low shedding, curly Doodle-like coat in the hope this is passed onto the puppies. This has the potential to reduce the shedding associated with the Pug.

The Cons of a Goldendoodle Pug Mix

The cons of the Goldendoodle Pug mix relate mostly to the uncertainties around what you might get. Many people spend hours, days, and weeks researching breed statistics, temperament, and breeders. As the Goldendoodle Pug is not being bred in any great numbers prospective owners won’t have the luxury of plenty of statistics and pictures to help make their decision.

What to Expect From the Goldendoodle Pug Mix

Size and Weight

We can give a rough estimation of what to expect in terms of size and weight based on what we know about the Goldendoodle and Pug.

Firstly, the Pug, this toy breed only comes in one size. An adult Pug can be expected to stand between 9″ and 15″ in height and could weigh as much as 20lbs.

The Goldendoodle by comparison comes in three size variations dependent on the size of the Poodle used in the hybrid.

  • Toy Goldendoodle:  Less than 15″ and 10lbs to 25lbs
  • Miniature Goldendoodle: 15″ to 20″ and 25lbs to 50lbs
  • Standard Goldendoodle: 20″ to 26″ and 50 to 90lbs

Based on the above sizes it is suggested that the Toy Goldendoodle and the Pug make the best-matched combo. We could then predict an adult Goldendoodle Pug mix to stand somewhere in the region of 10″ to 15″ in height and weigh around 20lbs.

Color and Coat Types

The Goldendoodle brings a wavy to curly, hair-like coat that is largely low shedding. While they can be golden or cream tones like their Golden Retriever parent they can equally be any color of the Poodle rainbow.

The Pug on the other hand brings very recognizable coloring of fawn/tan body and typically black marking around the face and muzzle. In terms of coat type, a Pug is short and smooth and would be considered a moderate shedder.

It can be surmised that the Goldendoodle Pug mix would have a mid-length wavy coat. It can be hard to determine the color and markings however, we could hope for a fawn/tan color with some trademark Pug face markings.


The health issues associated with a Goldendoodle Pug mix are likely to be the conditions that affect both of the parent breeds. The good news is there are some conditions present in both that do not overlap and therefore are less likely to occur, but there are a few that could still be present in the resultant hybrid.  These may include:

  • Allergies
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Hip dysplasia

This, of course, is only a list of possible conditions. All dogs have the potential to develop health issues however good health screening by breeders can greatly reduce the chance of serious conditions later in life.


The temperament of the Goldendoodle Pug mix is difficult to predict as the personalities of both the Pug and Goldendoodle are very different.

The Pug is known for its friendly outlook, clownish antics, and loving nature toward its owners. The Pug equally has a stubborn streak and slightly leaning toward being a couch potato. The Goldendoodle by comparison is a veritable ball of energy, lively and often curious.

Perhaps this could be a dream mix of the Pug’s entertaining demeanor but with the stamina of the Goldendoodle. But equally, you could get a Goldendoodle energy level with the stubborn streak of the Pug. Quite the gamble.

Exercise Needs

The exercise needs of a Goldendoodle Pug mix will depend greatly on which parent they take after. If they are more Pug, think more laid back and chill, but if they are more Goldendoodle think of daily walks and plenty of opportunities for play.

Overall, as the cross is likely to be a smaller breed, one to two daily walks should be sufficient. Their smaller size may also make them an option for those who live in smaller homes or apartments.

Feeding Requirements

The Goldendoodle Pug mix is likely to be 20lbs or under, therefore the feeding bill for an adult should not be too frightening.  A good quality dry food should be fed in two meals with careful consideration not to be too free-flowing with the treats, lest you end up with a chunky pup.