Doodle Neck Sizes

There is a whole world of Doodles out there that come in just about every height, weight, and build imaginable. Crossing a minimum of two breeds to make a Doodle will always make them vary a bit in size even within one litter. While this level of choice is often something that draws in many prospective Doodle owners it also makes buying standard dog apparel such as a collar or harness a bit more difficult.

Every Doodle will need a collar or harness to learn to walk on a leash but with oodles of choice in terms of design, style, and size it can easily feel overwhelming. In this article, we will provide the average neck sizes of many of the most popular Doodles to help with narrowing down choices. We will look at the differences between collars and harnesses and even give some examples of our favorites from the most robust to the most stylish.

Collar Vs Harness? – Which is Best? Pros and Cons

Dogs were managed for thousands of years using a variety of neck collars. It is still a commonly seen image of a happy pup sitting proudly wearing a collar and a nice shiny name tag.

The development of the collar however is a little more concerning, originally humans started attaching a leash to a rope around the dog’s neck as a means of exerting control. Pulling tightly on the fragile and sensitive area of the throat was likely to contain the dog as they will instinctively look to lessen the strain on their neck and thus come closer to their owner.  

There is evidence that particularly small breeds such as Miniature Poodles or conversely Miniature Doodle crosses can be subject to damage of their small tracheas (throat canals) by straining or being pulled via collars.


But if collars can potentially cause damage, why are they still in use?


Most owners will not leave a harness on their dog all day. They are larger and more likely to cause matting, especially in prolonged wear in dogs with curly coats such as Doodles. Now many a Doodle is an accomplished escape artist and wearing a collar allows for an ID tag to be attached with quick details such as a phone number to aid in catching your little (or sometimes very large) escapee.


Some Doodles no matter how well-fitting the harness or how often they are brushed may just continue to develop matting around their harness. A collar covers less area and generally moves less.

Training Needs

Some dogs may need closer control when training and used appropriately and under the guidance of a reputable trainer, a collar can sometimes be used for dogs who are not yet comfortable or able to be walked safely in a harness. Likewise, some of the smallest Doodle puppies may not be ready for a harness but still require a means to attach a leash to make them familiar with it.


Harnesses are not new in the dog world however historically were seen much more in working dogs than your regular family pet. Think harnesses used by sled dogs or those used for assistance dogs to alert others to their special duties and owner’s needs.

Domestic pet dog harnesses have steadily grown in popularity from the 1990s onwards. This is in part due to promotion by many high-profile vets, dog charities, and rescue centers which have raised concerns about the appropriateness of collars and the risk of injury to dogs’ necks.

There is a whole plethora of different styles, colors, and sizes out there. For the most part, though harnesses can be split into Y-strap and chest strap variations.

Y-Strap Harness

Example of a Y-Strap Harness

In a Y-Strap Harness, the straps go over each shoulder like a Y and come under the body to connect at the sides. The idea of this harness is that, when fitted correctly, it allows for normal unrestricted shoulder movements while lessening the strain on the neck.

Chest-Strap Harness

Chest-Strap Harness

Alternatively, the chest strap harness has a strap across the chest area that is often padded. Commonly used in assistance-type dogs or those that pull strongly these are equally as popular.

How to Choose?

First and foremost if you are in any doubt as to the suitability of a collar or harness for your dog, please discuss it with your vet. No matter what option you go for it is important to ensure it fits properly.

For collars, you will need to measure your dog’s neck size while with harnesses guidance is more likely to be in regards to breed chest depth or weight. Please see below for a table of the average neck sizes and weights of a variety of Doodles to give an indicator of what size they may need.

Neck Size Table – Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Cockapoo, Cavapoo and More

Doodle TypeAverage Adult Neck Size (inches)Average Adult Weight (pounds)
Airedoodle16 – 2240 – 65
Aussiedoodle10 – 2125 – 70
Bassetoodle11 – 1620 – 30
Bernedoodle16 – 2470 – 90
Bidoodle (Doodle Frise)13 -1830 – 60
Bolondoodle (Bolognesepoo)Less than 126 – 12
Bordoodle (Borderpoo)13 – 1830 – 60
Boxerdoodle13 – 1830 – 60
Cadoodle17 – 2160 – 75
Cavapoo11 – 1512 – 25
Chi-poo8 – 158 – 20
Clumberdoodle16 – 2450 – 85
Cockapoo11 – 1513 – 20
Corgipoo11 – 1512 – 28
Cotonpoo8 – 158 – 15
Dalmadoodle13 – 2040 – 70
Double Doodle (Golden Labradoodle)16-2450 – 80
Doxiepoo (Daxiedoodle)11 -1510 – 25
Eskapoo (Eskimodoodle)11 -1510 – 20
Flandoodle (Bouvidoodle)16 – 2455 – 85
Goldendoodle14 – 2435 – 80
Havapoo8 – 148 – 15
Irish Doodle15 – 2340 – 70
Jackapoo11 – 1513 – 25
Labradoodle14 – 2130 – 65
Lhasapoo7 – 1510 – 20
MaltipooLess than 125 – 12
Mastidoodle16 – 2855 – 100
Newfypoo19 – 3280 – 150
PeekapooLess than 124 – 10
Pomapoo6 – 145 -15
Poochon7 – 157 – 17
Poogle (Beaglepoo)7 – 157 – 13
Pooshi8 – 158 – 20
Pugapoo11 – 1514 – 18
Pyredoodle19 -2885 – 100
Rottle (Rottiepoo)16 – 2560 – 90
Saint Berdoodle18 – 3270 – 150
Schnoodle15 – 1920 – 75
Scoodle (Scottipoo)8 – 1510 -20
Sheepadoodle16 – 2460 – 80
Shihpoo8 – 158 – 18
Siberpoo17 -1940 – 60
Sproodle16 -1930 – 60
Weimardoodle14 – 2445 – 70
Westiepoo14 – 1620 – 30
Whoodle (Wheatendoodle)14 – 1720 – 45
Woodle (Welshpoo)14 – 1720 – 50
YorkiepooLess than 123 – 12

Our Collar Recommendations


Product: Lucky Love Dog – Matching Collar and Leash Set in XXS (Amazon)

For even the tiniest of Doodles, this lovely, patterned collar comes in the tiny size of XXS which is adjustable between 6.5 and 9.5 inches.


Product: Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar (Amazon)

Available in a variety of colors and 3 sizes covering from 13 inches through to 26 inches this is a long-lasting and secure collar for even the most adventurous of Doodles.

LED Light Collar

Product: Masbrill LED Flashing, Waterproof Dog Collar (Amazon)

For the Doodle who enjoys an after-dark adventure. This collar is durable, waterproof, and has a rechargeable LED light band to ensure you can spot your pet in the darkness. Can be used in addition to a harness just for the light feature on night-time walks.

Our Harness Recommendations


Product: Eco-Bark Mesh No Pull No Choke Harness (Amazon)

A lightweight, quick-release Y shape harness. The X-small will suit even toy breeds with neck sizes of 7.5 to 9.5 inches. Eco-friendly, the harness’s straps are made from recycled water bottles. Available in various colors and patterns. Make your Doodle look good and save the planet. What’s not to love?

Best All-Rounder

Product: Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness (Amazon)

Ruffwear has plenty of fans the world over. This harness is a firm favorite for everyday use with its adjustable straps, lightweight fabric, and additional padding for comfort. It has the option of two leash attachment points either on the chest or back. Available in a range of sizes and a standout bright orange that will make any Doodle look swish.

Chest Strap Harness

Product: Julius-K9 Powerharness (Amazon)

Arguably one of the most popular harness brands in Europe with many fans in the States too, Julius-K9 is very well known in the chest strap harness market. Owners enjoy being able to affix customizable patches to the Velcro sidebars. Some choose to put their dogs’ names while some choose to give information such as “friendly”, “do not pet” or “rescue”. The Julius-K9 comes in large sizes and many owners note the feeling of stability a chest strap gives when leash walking an overexcitable or larger Doodle.