Do Bernedoodles Smell? What You Need to Know

Even the best-kept homes will fall victim to smells if your home is shared with a dog. There is no such thing as an odorless dog, but some will be smellier than others. We delve into the world of smelly dogs. Are male Bernedoodles smellier than females? Do health issues cause bad odors? Is regular bathing required? Do they smell worse at different ages? We will also take a look at some of the products on the market to help with your smelly pooch.

All dogs can smell from time to time based on different factors but Bernedoodles are not any more likely to smell than other dog breeds. Maintaining a good hygiene routine in both your home and with your dog is vital to keep doggy odors to a minimum.

Differing factors can contribute to your dog being a bit whiffy and we will explore these further below. Your Bernedoodle’s coat type can also determine how much grooming they will need to maintain good health. Curlier coats will need more frequent attention and can be harder to clean. These factors can all contribute to the overall hygiene levels of your Bernedoodle.

Does Lineage play a Role?

Poodles need regular bathing to stay clean and keep nasty odors at bay. Their baths need to be quite thorough due to their tight curls. If your Bernedoodle’s genes are Poodle dominant, then this is certainly worth noting.

Bernese Mountain dogs shed a lot more than Poodles, so they do not need to be bathed as regularly. This is because a lot of their dirt will fall out naturally as they shed. However, they will still need to be bathed every so often to keep smelly odors at bay. It is important to use a dog-safe shampoo when washing any dog, the human brands won’t be good for them.

It’s important with both breeds, so ultimately your Bernedoodle too, that when bathing them to get all the way down to the skin to give them the full benefit of the bath. It’s a common mistake to only wash the surface of the coat and neglect what’s actually under there.

Poodles are susceptible to skin issues, Bernease Mountain Dogs not so much, although allergies can be an issue. Predominantly for Poodles it will be infections and diseases causing them to be itchy, uncomfortable and likely smelly if left untreated. However, if these are a regular occurrence it’s also possible that this is allergy related so you will need to get this looked into. Special shampoos and rinses are available for infections and it’s crucial to find the right one to treat any issues.

Bernedoodles are a big fan of the outdoors and because of their playful and confident nature, they will often take exploring to the next level! This can include big muddy puddles – the muddier the better! This doesn’t automatically mean that a bath will be necessary, unless they do actually smell. However, they may also find some animal poo to roll in or even a dead animal carcass. I will never forget the time my own dog rolled in a dead seal while on vacation – the bath really was the only option, believe me! Bernedoodles can omit odors from time to time, lets look at some of the reasons.

Your Bernedoodle is a mixture of these two breeds so they can be susceptible to any of the common health issues, known problems or personality traits linked to both the Poodle and the Bernese Mountain Dog. You never know what you’re going get until your puppy grows and develops but having knowledge of both genetic histories puts you one step ahead.

Poodle & Bernese Mountain Dog

Why Does My Bernedoodle Smell?

It may just be a simple case of your dog being overdue a bath, if this is the case it is easily solved. However, it could be a sign of another issue that also needs some attention.

Is the odor coming from a particular part of the body? Odors from the ears could mean an infection, or perhaps dirt has got stuck inside. This will need the Vet’s attention, please don’t go poking around inside!

Poor dental hygiene can also leave your pooch with doggy breath, not such a desirable attribute. If your Bernedoodle’s breath smells of poop, then it’s quite likely they’ve been eating poop! If your Bernedoodle’s breath smells of urine, then the likelihood is that’s they’ve been drinking urine! However, it’s worth being aware that the smell of urine on the breath can be a sign of kidney disease and this will unquestionably need veterinary intervention.

Smelly odors can also be caused by skin infections which can be painful and itchy. Remember the Poodle is prone to skin infections so this can certainly be a gene that is passed down to your Bernedoodle. Over the counter remedies are available but it’s important to keep an eye on the severity and reoccurrence in case you need to take a visit to the vets’ office.

Flatulence, of course will add to any odor problems. Luckily neither the Poodle nor the Bernese Mountain dog are a particularly flatulent breed. To keep the wind to a minimum cut down out the table scraps, ensure your pup isn’t attempting to eat their meals in record time and provide plenty of exercise.  If your dog has a lot of constant and unsavory gas it will most commonly be linked to their diet. As long as you are not feeding them low grade or rotten food then the likelihood is an intolerance to one or more of the ingredients. Change your Bernedoodle’s diet to see if this reduces the problem. Trial and error will be your solution here, it may be your dog needs grain-free feed for example. If your Bernedoodle continues to produce excessive gas in terms of smell and occurrence and you have tried all these steps, then it’s time to see the vet for a checkup.

A poor diet can also lead to Atopy which is allergies caused by food or sometimes seasonal factors. This causes the skin to inflame and excessive oils secrete which can produce an unpleasant smell. Seasonal factors can be problematic too and can include dust, mold, and pollen. Such issues can lead to further infections due to pawing or scratching at problematic areas, which can cause secondary infections including weeping skin.

Dogs have two scent sacs on their bottom. This is the reason your dog greets another dog via their rear end when they meet on walks. If either of these sacs become damaged, then they can release a very smelly secretion that lies on the fur. This will need vet treatment as it can be extremely painful. Has your dog ever dragged his back end across the floor? This could be a sign of damage to the anal sacs and if it continues you should seek advice.

How To Help A Smelly Bernedoodle

To work out why your dog smells make sure you are the following a good hygiene routine and see if the problem sorts itself out. For example, promote good dental hygiene with your dog, this can include vet treatment, dental chews, and teeth brushing at home. Make sure your Bernedoodle’s ears are dry and clean inside the folds. If your dog has been in water, then dry their ears thoroughly afterward. Feed your Bernedoodle a healthy diet full of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and all the nutrients that are required. And of course, give your dog as regular a bath as they need.

IF smells still exist after all these steps have been taken regularly then it’s time to question whether one of the problems we have already discussed is at the route.

In rarer cases, having a smelly dog can be a sign of serious illness such as diabetes, kidney disease, or bladder infections. However, there will usually be other signs and symptoms of these illnesses which will alert you to something not being quite right. Whenever you are worried please seek help. You may think it’s common for older Bernedoodles to smell but in fact, it isn’t – there is no reason for an older dog to smell unless they have an underlying problem that needs addressing.

How to help your dog with excessive gas

Do Female Dogs Smell During Their Cycle?

In a word yes, they do. They release odors when in heat, and male dogs can smell this from a fair old distance as discussed in our article When do Bernedoodles go into Heat?

However, this odor will not always be obvious to the human senses These smells are caused by the discharge and the odor can vary in intensity.  For this reason, female Bernedoodles and indeed other dog breeds could have this further element causing them to smell, which male dogs do not possess.

What Products are Available on the Market?

There are products you can buy to cover up bad doggy smells in your home and this will be pleasing to some ears I am sure. However, before rushing out to buy the latest product you may find the very thing you need in your home already. Baking soda can be used for a whole host of odors including urination and soiling. Simply clean the area as best you can then sprinkle a liberal amount of soda over the area and leave to soak overnight. Then hoover up the following day.

Keeping up with the housework can help to neutralize any smells and certainly keep them at bay – hoovering, dusting, and mopping included. Under the couch can be a popular area for dog hair and other particles to lie so pulling these up every so often is a must. Also, use coverings for your couches – that way they can be washed regularly. Make sure you follow the instructions on the cleaning products and that they are not dangerous to dogs.

Keeping your dog’s sleeping area clean is also a must, purchase a dog bed that has removable covers or can be steamed cleaned. Good old fresh air also helps to eliminate any unwanted areas so have your windows open at every opportunity.


There is no reason why your Bernedoodle should be smellier than any other breed. There are measures you need to take, not much different to taking care of your own personal hygiene, which will keep smells to a minimum if not eliminate them completely. As you will now know, there are various health issues that can cause a problem but now you are armed with some knowledge you will be able to effectively deal with them and know when to seek further advice.

Related Questions

Do Bernedoodles have Health Issues?

Cross breeding reduces the risk of genetically inherited diseases and conditions that purebred dogs are susceptible to. Still, as a Bernedoodle is a relatively new variety of Doodle there is little information on the overall wellbeing of the breed. However, research suggests that cancer does seem to occur less in the Bernedoodle than in the Bernese Mountain Dog and generally they are considered to be a healthy breed.

That said there are still some predisposed conditions that you need to look out for in your Bernedoodle which include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems and skin conditions.

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

No dogs are actually 100% hypoallergenic. Some are just more so than others. However, as a Bernedoodle, like its Poodle parent, has hair as opposed to fur this makes shedding minimal to non-existent. This is instrumental in lowering the chances of them triggering allergies in those who would usually be affected. Bernedoodles with curly hair are even less likely to shed as the dander and other allergens within the hair they would shed gets trapped in their curls.