Cockapoo Size Comparison: Toy, Miniature & Maxi Sizes Compared

One of the first considerations when deciding to bring a dog into your home is the size of your accommodation. Consequently, the size of the dog must be a factor in the decision-making. Some homes may only be suitable for smaller breeds and some may be suitable for big or small dogs. In this article we’ll be looking at the sizes of Cockapoos, exploring Toy, Miniature, and Maxi.

Sizes can and do vary with Cockapoos. Teacup Cockapoos are under 10 inches tall, Toy Cockapoos stand up to 10 inches in height and are stockier in build than Teacups. Miniature Cockapoos stand between 11 and 14 inches and Maxi Cockapoos come in at 14 inches tall and above. 

Ultimately there isn’t a one-size-fits-all – excuse the pun! Cockapoos come in a range of shapes and sizes and even once they are born, they can change quite dramatically in appearance. Keep reading as we compare the Cockapoo sizes available.

What Is A Cockapoo?

The highly popular Cockapoo is a Poodle crossed with a Cocker Spaniel. One reason for their popularity is because they suit a variety of households and families. Their typically low shedding qualities are a big part of their demand. They are also considered friendly, smart, and loyal.

They can be crossed with three types of Spaniel which include: English Working Cocker, English Show Cocker, and the American Cocker Spaniel. Cockapoos were first produced in the US in the 1960s and have fast become a firm favorite as a four-legged companion.

In Australia, and sometimes in the US if the English Cocker Spaniel is used for the cross, the Cockapoo is known as the Spoodle.

Is A Cockapoo A Small or Medium Dog?

The Poodle parent used in the breeding process can be Standard, Miniature, or Toy. The other parent is usually an American Cocker Spaniel, but sometimes the English Cocker Spaniel is also used.

Due to the differing sizes of Poodles and to some degree, Spaniels, there will be some variation in Cockapoo litters. Cockapoos generally range from small to medium depending on the Poodle parent involved. American Cocker Spaniels are considered the smallest out of the three Spaniel types.

How Big Will My F1 Cockapoo Get?

Sizes will vary throughout the breeding lines depending on the size of the parents. F1 is the first generation in any mixed breed. This means the parents are a purebred Poodle and a purebred Cocker Spaniel.

There is no definitive way of knowing how big your puppy will get. Your breeder, and even you, can make an educated guess based on the size of the parents. However, this is far from an exact science and there will always be the occasional outlier (although not necessarily in every litter). It’s worth discussing any previous litters with the breeder too, especially if they are from the same stud as this could also give some indication of the final size.

The Poodle will already be classified in either the Toy, Miniature, or Standard category. Alongside the Cocker Spaniel parent, this should give you some idea of the size your F1 Cockapoo will grow to. Take a look at our chart to see the differences you can find with the Cockapoo.

Cockapoo Sizing Explained

There are three main Cockapoo sizes based on which Poodle is used to breed them. These are Toy, Miniature, and Maxi (Standard). However, you may also hear the term Teacup used to describe the very smallest of the breed.

Teacup Cockapoo

Teacup is used by some breeders to describe the smallest of Cockapoos. Like the Toy, they will be under 10” in height but weigh in at much less, usually around 6lbs or under. They are achieved by breeding the Toy Poodle with small Cocker Spaniels for the first generation (F1). For F2’s (second generation) and beyond then the smaller Cockapoos will be used in an attempt to determine the Teacup outcome.

A responsible breeder will not attempt to breed dogs of two different sizes (i.e., small x medium) as this can cause a multitude of health problems due to the incompatible skeletal structures.

You may also come across the term ‘Toy Teacup Cockapoo’. This is because there really is minimal difference between the two. You may see a small Toy described as a Teacup. In all reality, it is actually a Toy.

Toy Cockapoo

The Toy Cockapoo will measure under 10” from their paw to their withers (shoulder). It is classified in size as per the size of the Toy Poodle. However, the height of the breed standard varies across different Kennel Clubs:

  • The American Kennel Club – Under 10”
  • Canadian Kennel Club – Under 10”
  • United Kennel Club – Under 10”
  • The Kennel Club (UK) – Under 11”
  • Australian National Kennel Council – Under 11”
  • New Zealand Kennel Club – Under 11”
  • Fédération Cynologique Internationale – 9.4” – 11”

On average the Toy Cockapoo will weigh up to 12lbs. They have a sturdier build than their smaller Teacup cousins.

Miniature Cockapoo

The Miniature Cockapoo, as you will have probably guessed is a result of the Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. The Miniature Poodle stands over 10” and under 14” (or over 11” in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand). The average weight will be around 13lbs to 18lbs.

Whilst still an active dog who will need regular walks and playtime, the requirement will be less of that of a Maxi (Standard) Cockapoo. This along with their size will make them a better choice for a family who have a smaller home or yard. They will adapt well to apartment living providing that their exercise needs are well met.

The Miniature Poodle evolved from the Standard when the requirement was more for a companion and lap dog without losing the intelligent and loving nature. Whilst the Standard Cockapoo will normally be smaller than the Standard Poodle the Miniature will definitely be a better choice if it’s a lap dog you are looking for.

Maxi (Standard) Cockapoo

The Maxi or Standard Cockapoo is the biggest of the bunch. On average they will weigh in the region of 19lbs and measure above 14” from their paw to their withers. Even though they are the biggest of the Cockapoo breed they are still considered to be a medium-sized dog, and most will be on the small end of the medium scale.

The American Cocker Spaniel (or sometimes the English Cocker Spaniel) is bred with the Standard Poodle to achieve this classification of Cockapoo. Due to the different sizes of the breeds usually the dam will be the Poodle and the sire the Cocker Spaniel. This won’t always be the case but it’s always safer when crossbreeding for the mum to be the larger dog.

The Maxi Cockapoo is ideally suited to larger homes that have a yard. They can adapt to apartment living providing that they are exercised well but we wouldn’t advise it due to their size and energy levels.

Cockapoo Size Summary

Toy<12lbs<10” (<11”)*
Miniature13lbs – 18lbs10” – 14” (11” – 14”)*
 Maxi (Standard)19lbs>14”
*Please see Toy Cockapoo size description for details of global differences

Which is Bigger, a Cavapoo, or a Cockapoo?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Whilst generally the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is smaller than the Cocker Spaniel, we have to take into consideration the size of the Poodle used for the cross.

Typically, and assuming that the Miniature Poodle is used for the comparison, the Cockapoo will be slightly bigger than the Cavapoo. That said, there are far too many variants to give an absolute answer. Don’t be surprised to see a Cavapoo that is larger than your Cockapoo, it can, and it does happen.

Cockapoos and Cavapoos Comparison Guide

  • Roughly the same height and weight with the Cockapoo just pipping the post as the larger
  • Similar coat features
  • Both can have hypoallergenic qualities inherited from the Poodle
  • Cavapoos are generally more laid back than Cockapoos
  • Cockapoos usually have more energy and will need more exercise
  • Both are great family dogs
  • Cavapoos can be easier to train as they are calmer
  • Cockapoos have a tendency to bark

Puppy to Adulthood – Changes Explored

Cockapoo puppies can change in appearance a great deal during the first few months of their lives.  It can take smaller Cockapoos such as Teacup, Toy, and Miniature between six to nine months to grow to their full height. 

Larger Cockapoos can take up to a year to reach their true height. Once dogs reach their full height, they start to put on more weight and fill out. With smaller breeds, it is very easy to overfeed, so it’s important to stick to recommended feeding guides.

Which size Cockapoo is Right for Me?

Deciding which dog breed fits your lifestyle and your home can seem quite daunting. The good news is that Cockapoos don’t take up too much space. They are a small to medium-sized dog and dependent on which size you get they can suit apartment life as well as larger homes providing that all their exercise needs are met.

Use our guide in this article to determine which size Cockapoo works best for you based on your home and your lifestyle. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much room do I have in my home?
  • Do I have enough outside space for them to exercise?
  • How much free time do you have to dedicated to walks and playtime?
  • Budget? Will a bigger dog eat more and cost more?

In Conclusion

Cockapoos are classed as a small to medium-sized breed. Sometimes coat length and style can influence the visual, making them seem bigger than they are.

Many factors influence the size of each Cockapoo including the parents’ characteristics, the generation of the Cockapoo (F1b’s are usually more like the Poodle), and the gender. Males are mostly a little taller and stockier. 

Spend time with the breeder before making any decisions and ask lots of questions about the parents too. It’s not an exact science but seeing the parents can often give you a better idea of the size of Cockapoo to expect.