Cockapoo Pug Mix: What you Need to Know

What do you get when you cross a Cockapoo and a Pug? Maybe this is a question you ask yourself on a daily basis, or maybe the thought has never crossed your mind. Regardless of the answer, it is one that is certainly worth asking – and one that surprisingly few know the answer to.

Fortunately, here at Know your Doodles, we have spent the time researching and crafting the answer to this question, and we are proud to introduce the latest in Doodle developments!

The History of the Parent Breeds


The Cockapoo is a widely popular choice for Doodle owners. This breed (resulting from the mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle – typically of the Miniature variety) was the first in what is now a huge market of Poodle variations.

Due to the intelligence of the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel, it makes sense that dog owners would immediately take to this breed, as the result is a dog that is alert, engaged, and curious to boot.

In this way, you get the best of both breeds. The fierce workmanship, energy, curiosity, and personable temperament all are a direct result of both breeds’ use as companions to sporting gentlemen of the past.


Pugs, on the other hand, have a much longer history, dating as far back as 400BC. They – much like the Shih Tzu were a breed of companion dogs that were most commonly spotted by the feet of nobility and even royalty in ancient China.

Their laid-back temperament and portability, however, made them a prize to behold for the rich and the wealthy of other countries, and so soon enough Pugs were an international export. Despite their cross-continency however, the breed managed to uphold a life of luxury, remaining the pets of the upper class almost exclusively.

Much speculation revolves around this breed, and some fun trivia include that they were thought to be used as hot water bottles for nobility in temples and that their name is either derived from either the Pug Monkey or the Latin word for ‘Fist’!

How is the Cockapoo Pug Cross Achieved?

This cross is achieved by breeding any mix of Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, and Pug. Be it through a Cocker Pug, and a Poodle, a Pugapoo and a Cocker Spaniel, or the Cockapoo Pug mix, each crossbreed will result in a similar but unique variation on the breed.

The variation will be determined by what the purebred breed in the mix is. For example, in the Cockapoo Pug cross the purebred would be the Pug, therefore the Pug-like qualities will be likely to be amplified.

This aforementioned resulting breed MAY have enhanced Pug qualities such as a shorter nose, smaller size, and an increased likelihood of having a shorter coat.

What Name is Given to the Cockapoo Pug Cross?

While there are no references to this specific breed online – there is information out there on Pug Poodle crosses. This mix, as cited from is most commonly known as the Pugapoo.

This breed, while very similar, loses some key traits due to the absence of Cocker Spaniel genes – making it a much more docile dog all around. In naming the Cockapoo Pug cross it would make sense to reappropriate these similar mixes’ names, leaving us with the Cocker Pugapoo.

The Benefits of the Cocker Pugapoo Cross

The Cocker Pugapoo has many benefits as a breed, the main one is its physicality. While pugs are undoubtedly popular for their unique physical appearance, that crushed face comes at a price. The squished nose increases the likelihood of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome by a significant margin which can seriously hamper your dog’s quality of life.

For this reason, breeding with a dog with a longer nose is nothing but beneficial to the breed. While still not perfect, this length will decrease the odds of breeding issues resulting in a happier and healthier dog.

Another great benefit is the temperament of the breed. As small animals, Pugs have been known to be quite yappy. They are fiercely loyal and as such will ceaselessly defend their owner – while this comes from a good place the result is a louder than average dog.

The intelligence of the Cockadoodle imbues the breed with a bit more street smarts and intelligence, giving the breed some much-needed critical thinking skills which means they can properly assess situations before going gung ho as Pugs so commonly do.

The Cons of the Cocker Pugapoo Cross

Some downsides of the breed include stubbornness. Both Cocker Spaniels and Pugs are known to have some issues with authority and seeing as these breeds occupy a good 75% of the mix, this trait is more than likely to be present in your pup.

What does this mean for you as an owner? Well, you can expect your dog to be set in its ways initially, which will require you to assert your authority more than you may have to with other breeds. This may make training more difficult on the whole, but with time and routine, this habit can be shaken.

Is the Cockapoo Pug an Ethical Cross?

Pug breeding is an incredibly contentious issue among owners discussing ethics. As the argument goes, the maintenance of the squished face severely shortens the breed’s lifespan, and it is a commonly held belief now that the purebred pug line should be stopped breeding in favor of crossing for longer noses.

When it comes to a dog’s looks vs its health, health should be the main priority every time. People get so engrossed in dogs as objects of desire that they forget that they are real creatures with real feelings and real health concerns.

This breed, therefore, serves the dual function of elongating the Pug-nose and making them a desirable compromise by mixing with an already widely popular dog. The reason for Cockapoo (other than aligned breed temperaments and physicality) is that they are a household name as far as designer dogs go, and so this can help offset the longer Pug-nose deemed undesirable to some.

What Can be Expected from the Cocker Pugapoo

Now you know a bit more about the Cocker Pugapoo and all that it entails let’s break down some specifics.

Height & Weight

Provided you are breeding the Pug with a Miniature Cockapoo, which would be the most common variation of this breed, your dog will be sitting pretty at 10″ – 14” with approximately 13lbs-18lbs of weight provided they are enjoying a happy and healthy life.

Colour & Coat

Pugs are known to shed a lot, and so another advantage of a breed such as this one is that the Doodle genes help tamper that hair fall somewhat. While you can still expect your Cocker Pugapoo to have a medium to short coat, the option for different hair textures ranging from slick to wavy, to curly, is present.

This breed comes in the black or apricot signature colors of Pugs, or the chocolate, red, beige, and even bicolor variations of the Cockapoo. This leaves the door open for many potential color and coat combinations, and so for a greater understanding of how your dog may look, you should look to the parent breeds.


Pugs unfortunately have lots of minor issues that need to be addressed in daily life. Their small noses mean they have trouble regulating temperature and so your maintenance routine will need to be adjusted seasonally to ensure your dog is neither too hot, nor too cold.

This will mean coats and cold snacks, depending on the season, however, if your dog has a longer coat then it would be advisable to ensure that in summer their coat is clipped short, and in winter it remains on the thicker side.


Some health issues to watch out for are eye infections. The Pug’s eyes are incredibly vulnerable and can cause lots of issues if left unchecked, for example squeezing a Pug may pop them out which will need immediate treatment, as well as being prone to all sorts of bacteria that can cause pinkeye, or worse.

They are also prone to throat and nose infections due to their poor respiratory system. On top of the breathing difficulties (which may require their own surgery to rectify), a Pugs nose requires constant monitoring, and the same goes for the Cocker Pugapoo.

Before you run to the hills thinking that this dog is a medical nightmare, it should be noted that this is a cross and as well as being more robust, the breeding should alleviate some Pug specific issues, but it is worth noting that you may be running a hefty vet bill every once in a while.


The Cocker Pugapoo is an intelligent and affectionate dog. They are empathetic to the max and very loyal animals, and their playful and curious nature makes them a great fit for families with small children.

However, if you are a single or couple looking to own a dog, this breed is also the perfect fit for you. Provided you can be around them for a reasonable amount of time throughout the day – as the Cocker Pugapoo can have a mild case of separation anxiety – this dog will be content in following you around and hanging out whenever and wherever.

Exercise Needs and Feeding Requirements

Pugs become fat fast, so a strict activity regime is, unfortunately, a practical necessity with the Cocker Pugapoo. An hour a day is a good benchmark for exercise, and this should be a variety of activities rather than just a walk.

This breed is incredibly clever and so mental stimulation can be a great way of providing sufficient physical stimulation. Games and puzzles such as snuffle mats can be a great way to burn off some of those calories throughout the day.

½ a cup of food is more than enough for this dog on a daily basis. Depending on your dog’s comfortability and appetite, this may be one meal, or it may be necessary to split into two.


The Cocker Pugapoo is a bright and bubbly companion dog that is bound to light up your life if you open your heart to let them in. Small, friendly, and a little clown at heart, this companion dog is bound to be bundles of fun for dog owners of any experience level.

But small dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and if this mix isn’t for you, but you are left wanting a tiny companion to share your time with, then why not have a look at the next best thing when it comes to small canine friends – the Maltipoo Havanese Mix.