Cockapoo Maltese Mix

Small, loving, and a bundle of energy – these are just a few of the words that could be used to describe both the Cockapoo and the Maltese. These two ever-famous breeds are obvious choices for those looking for a new companion dog to introduce into their family, but which should you pick?

Turns out you may not have to choose! Want to know more? Then look no further, as we introduce to you the Cockapoo Maltese mix.

The History of the Parent Breeds


Starting with the Cockapoo, a designer dog created in the US in the 1960s, this cross is claimed to be the first planned breed, kicking off a dog designing trend that would permeate the pet market all the way into the present day.

The breed itself is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Miniature Poodle. Despite these two dogs originating from either side of the British channel (England and Germany respectively), these two may have more in common than you may think.

The biggest shared trait of these breeds is their history of use for hunting – while the Cocker Spaniel was put to work chasing woodcock, the Poodle was entrusted with the retrieval of wildfowl.

A shared affinity for airborne game demands similar temperaments and although Cockapoo breeders came to favor the Miniature Poodle due to demands for a smaller and smaller four-legged friend, the intelligent, loyal, and hardworking nature necessary for arduous hunting trips makes the Poodle and the Cocker spaniel two breeds that create the perfect companion when crossed.


It is common knowledge that the Maltese originated from the Island of Malta. This dog has proved a popular breed for owners all over the world, both historically and in modern times.

One of the biggest contributors to a widespread global interest in this breed was the establishment of new oceanic trade routes. Businessmen exporting seafood and other commodities to Europe and Egypt traveled the routes with their furry friends, who subsequently proved a novelty and gained the eye of foreign tradesmen.

The export of the breed can be evidenced by their appearance in Egyptian hieroglyphs, and from accounts of the queen of England favoring the breed as far back as the 17th century. Whether they were regarded as holding mystical properties or helped convey a sense of wealth and power in the upper classes, this breed would prove to be a sensation for centuries to come.

How is the Cockapoo Maltese Cross Achieved? Is There More Than One Way?

The Maltese and the Cockapoo share a similar physicality due to the trend toward smaller companion dogs, and therefore this cross is able to be achieved via natural insemination.

Provided the Cockapoo’s parent is a Miniature Poodle, the two breeds’ average height has an approximate difference of about 1″-3” – this means that there is no increased risk introduced when cross-breeding via natural reproduction.

While with larger size differences it may be prudent to ensure the female is the bigger breed and maybe even to use artificial insemination to ensure neither parent is harmed during impregnation, a smaller size difference introduces no more hazards than any pedigree breeding may incur, and so it is considered safe to carry out under natural circumstances.

Crosses such as the Cavapoo Golden Retriever Mix are better bred via artificial means, and this (as well as other issues concerning cross-breeding dogs) gives rise to many heated debates about ethics.

Is the Cockapoo Maltese an Ethical Cross?

Many people oppose the concept of designer dogs outright, due to the primary impetus being placed on breeding to fulfill a desired size or look as opposed to thinking first about the animal’s health. However, a common counterpoint is that provided the puppy is happy and healthy – the aim of the breed isn’t morally corrupt.

Clearly, this opinion is subjective at best, and in the end, the answer relies on your moral compass but given the physical and temperamental alignment of the Cockapoo and Maltese mix, the act of breeding, and the resulting puppies are as safe as any non-designer breeding.

Why is the Cockapoo Mmaltese Cross Being Bred

So, health aside, why are these two breeds being bred?

More and more commonly, prospective dog owners are looking for a pet that is easy to train and handle, and with a rising number of people living in apartments and shouldering longer workdays, they are after a dog that is content in both smaller living arrangements and is fine with being alone for extended periods of time.

Clearly, both breeds are small enough to be perfect for apartment living situations – however one deal-breaker may be the clinginess of the Maltese. These dogs do not bode well on their own, and so the Cockapoo cross serves as an attempt to give the dog a bit more independence.

The Advantages of the Maltese Cockapoo Cross

Independence, of course, comes as a huge benefit to those who manage a busy work-life balance. As life comes at you it is an inevitability that there will come some times when despite your best wishes you will need to leave your dog to their own devices.

By crossing the Maltese with the Cockapoo, you strike a balance between a dog that is people-oriented and has no qualms when spending time in its own company.

Separation anxiety is a serious and often overlooked problem when prospective owners are seeking out a companion dog. A dog that loves you endlessly sounds great in theory, but the anxiety and stress resulting from this may cause big problems down the line.

The Disadvantages of the Maltese Cockapoo Cross

While the independence of the Cockapoo will be a huge advantage in reducing anxiety when left alone, it will inevitably impact the dog’s personality and behavior.

As with anything in life, every change comes with a price, and in this case, removing the insatiable need to be in the company of others will in turn make the breed less eager to please. This may make training trickier, as your dog may find itself inclined to march to the beat of its own drum from time to time.

This isn’t to say that your dog will pay you no mind, as this breed will still be incredibly loyal and sociable, however you could find yourself needing to knuckle down on your training regimes to ensure your new dog is following your commands.

What do you Call a Cockapoo Maltese Mix?

As of writing, this cross has no official name on the Kennel Register or online, and so once more it falls to our best judgment to figure out the perfect combination name for this new hybrid.

In this case, we believe that Malti-Cockapoo is the name that best suits this breed!

What can be Expected of the Malti-Cockapoo?:

Height & Weight

As mentioned previously, the parents of the Malti-Cockapoo are closely aligned in their sizing, so you can expect your dog to be 12″-17” in size and with an approximate weight of 8lbs-10lbs.

However, these approximations are just that, and you may find yourself with a differently sized variant of the Cockapoo (as they come in both Mini, Standard, and Maxi sizes), and as a result your dog may be larger than we predict.

Therefore, if the size of your pet is a primary concern, we implore you to reach out to your breeder and arrange a visit to see the parents, in order to gauge how big your dog will become.

Colour & Coat

In terms of color, you will be looking at either a one- or two-color coat. Most commonly the Maltese don their signature white coat, however, Cockapoos can range from cream to brown, to black, giving you a variety of potential colorations.

Equally the coat can vary in both length and texture. If your dog takes after the traditional Maltese style, it will be a silky and long coat, however, if the Cockapoo genes prevail you can expect a curlier short head of hair.


Maintaining your dog means keeping it clean and tidy, and each coat type provides its own unique challenges.

With a longer coat, you are less likely to have matts and knots – thanks to that slick silky texture, however, your dog will need to be trimmed regularly in order to keep its mop from obscuring vision and becoming a trip hazard.

With the curlier coat, you may be looking at fewer trimmings, however, the trade-off is a coat that easily becomes dirty and tangled. This will mean daily brushings to keep any nasty issues from hurting your pet, and regular grooming trips will be essential for hygiene purposes.


As with all smaller dogs, Shaker Syndrome is a health condition that is all too common and can cause your dog significant grief once it reaches adulthood.

Some tremors are localized, while some involve the whole body, and this involuntary shaking may potentially incapacitate your dog if left unchecked. Steroid treatment are available which your Malti-Cockapoo can undergo to suppress its immune system.

Shaker Syndrome is just one of the many physical health issues that affect smaller dogs, and physical trauma is, unfortunately, the biggest killer of little dogs, so your dog’s physical health should be kept in regular check to ensure there are no critical problems brewing.


We have covered temperament extensively when discussing why the breed is being bred, but even the littlest dog contains multitudes, so what can you expect from your Malti-Cockapoo?

These dogs are intelligent, outgoing, and loving. They have a lot of self-confidence and are natural-born extroverts, so they will have no trouble making friends whether out and about or at home.

Their sense of play contributes to their active lifestyle, and their preferred pastime is keeping busy with a new toy or challenge to overcome.

Exercise Needs and Feeding Requirements

Their active lifestyle contributes in large part to their physical fitness, but to ensure your dog is burning off enough energy throughout the day you should be aiming for approximately 30 minutes of exercise at a minimum, daily.

Along with this, their diet is paramount to keeping them in top shape, and this dog will require 1 – 1 ¼ cups of food per day. To ensure they are given sufficient time to digest this, the amount should be spread over a couple of meals at different times.

Final Thoughts

Small dogs are all the rage, and if you are after a pup with a high activity, low-stress lifestyle (regardless of whether or not you are about during the day) then the Malti-Cockapoo is the breed for you.

But if this fantastic little cross doesn’t take your fancy, then fear not, for there are many alternative crosses for you small dog lovers out there. Why not start with checking out the Yorki Poo Pomeranian Mix?.