Cavapoo Yorkie Mix: Toy Doodle Fact File

Who said bigger is always better? If you are a firm believer of the old adage that “the best things come in small packages” then we may just have discovered the tiny Doodle of your dreams.

In this article we will explore how crossing the pint-sized Yorkshire Terrier with the much-loved Cavapoo has the potential to yield a truly one-of-a-kind pooch.

History of the Cavapoo

The Cavapoo is the result of crossing the irresistibly silky and floppy-eared Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Poodle. As Cavaliers fall under the “Toy” size category for the most part they are crossed with Miniature or Toy Poodles to create a Cavapoo. 

The Cavalier is a great match for the Poodle as both breeds have a working history that encourages smarts and energy, making for a delightful little pocket rocket Doodle cross. 

The Cavapoo has been noted as existing since around the early 1950s. However, it was the 1990s into the early 2000s when the Cavapoo along with many other Doodle hybrids really exploded in popularity. 

For an even more detailed history of the Cavapoo, be sure to check out “Cavapoo Breed Guide: An In-depth View”.

History of the Yorkie

A “Yorkie” is the colloquial term for the Yorkshire Terrier. As the name suggests the dog has its origins in the United Kingdom, where it is thought that workers moved to the Yorkshire region from more remote areas such as Scotland, bringing with them a variety of terrier-type dogs.

A mix of these dogs was honed over time for their small size and ability to work in the tight spaces of cotton mills. While the Yorkshire Terrier started out primarily as a working dog, acting to capture rodents and other small pests that would infiltrate farms and factories, its cheeky nature soon won its admirers as a companion lap dog.

As the Yorkie became popular as a companion pet, breeders became more selective about the breeding practices and began to hone the distinctive color palette associated with the breed. Their silken hair-like coat won many fans and they are now often shown with glossy straight coats that grow to floor-length and their heads are often adorned with little top knots.

What do you Call a Cavapoo Yorkie Mix?

Despite the best trawl of our internet and paper sources, we have been unable to find any other reference to this hybrid than the occasional private litter listings. These appear to be a result of amateur breeders or accidental crosses rather than a pre-planned breeding program.

Due to the rarity, the Cavapoo Yorkie mix has yet to develop a fully recognizable “Doodle title”. We know the Yorkie has already crossed with a purebred Poodle to create the pocket-sized Yorkiepoo so it needs to be something different.  In order to highlight the presence of the Yorkie, we suggest the Yorkshire Cavapoo. Perhaps not the most inventive of Doodle hybrid titles, but it does give you a good indication of what has been mixed.

Why is the Cavapoo Yorkie Mix Being Bred?

As mentioned above, this hybrid is very rare so essentially it is not being bred actively in any great numbers. The few listings we found did exhibit adorable looking pups that were petite, silken, and in varying shades of black and tan. Those selling this mix highlighted the potential for the pups to be low shedding and display the spunky nature of the Yorkie alongside the affectionate leanings of a Cavapoo.

Is the Cavapoo Yorkie Mix an Ethical Cross?

It is difficult to say for certainty given the low numbers of Cavapoo Yorkie mixes that we could find listed. There appeared to be no professional breeders suggesting that there may be less likelihood of thorough health screening of the parents if litters are being offered up by amateur breeders.

That is not to say that the pups will necessarily be unhealthy, but it is wise to get as much information about the parents as possible to try and fill in the gaps yourself.

The Benefits of a Cavapoo Yorkie Mix

This cross has the potential to be an absolute heartbreaker. The Cavapoo is on the smaller size and the Yorkie is one of the smallest dogs out there. For those who like their Doodles on the tiny side, this could very much be your dream come true.

Many would hope this breed would also be very low to minimally shedding as both the Yorkie and the Cavapoo barely shed to start with.

The Cons of a Cavapoo Yorkie Mix

Finding one will prove your biggest challenge. After that, the trials of having a very small dog of any breed include the potential for injury due to their rather frailer build. As fashion trends can push towards ever smaller dogs this is not always the most ethical approach to picking breeds to cross.

What to Expect from the Cavapoo Yorkie Mix

Size and Weight

As there is not a great deal of information available right now about a Cavapoo Yorkie cross we will take a look at the average sizes and weights of the parent breeds to give an indication of what you can expect.

Even with the Toy category, the Yorkie comes in on the smaller end. They are as tiny as 6″ or 7″ tall and unsurprisingly are very light, tipping the scales at around 3lbs to 7lbs.

The Cavapoo on the other hand comes in a larger variety of sizes dependent on whether a Toy or Miniature Poodle was used in the cross. Generally speaking, they will be anywhere from 9″ to 14″ in height and weigh up to 25lbs.

In a Cavapoo Yorkie cross, it would be sensible for the Cavapoo to carry the puppies to prevent complications of larger puppies being unable to be safely whelped by the smaller Yorkie. Furthermore, it is likely an ethical breeder would try and source a Yorkie on the large end of their growth range as breeding from very small dogs can prove tricky.

Based on the parent sizes we could estimate a Cavapoo Yorkie cross to be in the region of 6″ to 10″ in height and somewhere between 5lbs and 15lbs when fully grown. So, no need to get to the gym to build the muscle to pick up this pocket-sized pooch!

Color and Coat Types

The Yorkie has a very distinctive coat type and color. They will bring genetics for silken human-like hair. They are nearly exclusively black and tan as puppies however many will change over their lifetime to take on shades of blue and possibly gray.

The Cavapoo, by comparison, comes in a whole variety of colors and marking presentations. However, most commonly will be lighter shades of white, brown, tan, red, and golden. This is due to many Cavapoo breeders picking lighter-colored Poodles to compliment the colors of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

As you can imagine this makes predicting the color and coat type of a Cavapoo Yorkie challenging. There is not a great deal of documented cases however we can expect a silken coat that will likely have a looser curl or wave than a Cavapoo. Color-wise there is a higher possibility of blacks, goldens, and tans however there is always a chance of a throwback from any Poodle coloring which may come through on the Cavapoo side.  No matter what it is almost certain this tiny pup will be adorable and need plenty of brushing. 


It can be difficult to say with certainty the health of these rarer hybrid crosses as there just isn’t enough of them to gather statistics. We can however look at any of the conditions common in both parent breeds which may have the potential to be passed on to the next generation.

There are some conditions that are common to both the Cavapoo and the Yorkshire Terrier and these are:

  • Eye problems
  • Ear problems (infections)
  • Skin allergies

They are also susceptible to health problems associated with any particularly small dog, including tracheal collapse and joint disorders (luxating patellas, hip dysplasia), and hypoglycemia.

Of course, this is only what could be passed on and there are often treatment plans to manage any health problems that may arise.


The Yorkie has a bit of a reputation for being “yappy” which is a less than supportive way of saying they can be a little highly strung. By comparison, a well-bred Cavapoo should be energetic but sociable and affectionate. It would be hoped that the Cavapoo might subdue some of the liveliest Yorkie traits and make for a more well-rounded dog that benefits from some Poodle smarts.

Both the Cavapoo and Yorkie, while having some working dog lineage, are now first and foremost companion dogs. This will be compounded in a Cavapoo Yorkie mix, so this dog will thrive when receiving plenty of human contact, this won’t be a breed to leave alone for extended periods.

Exercise Needs

Don’t be fooled by the Cavapoo Yorkie mix’s diminutive size, this will be an active and lively dog. While their little legs are unlikely to be able to keep up on day-long hikes, they will seek out rapid bursts of vigorous exercise. Think a lively game of tug, zoomies in a yard, or scent work to tire them out. As they get older they will however become steadily more sedate.

Feeding Requirements

At a time when it can feel like the cost of everything is rising, it is a valid approach to consider a smaller dog on the merit of a smaller food bill. As a Cavapoo Yorkie mix will sit firmly in the Toy category food bills should not be exorbitant. As little as 1 cup of good quality kibble split over 2 or even 3 meals a day should be enough to keep this little pocket rocket going.