Are Schnoodles Aggressive?

Resembling a cute stuffed bear with its characteristic ears, fluffy eyebrows, Doodle mustache, and glorious beard, this Doodle breed mix certainly creates an incredibly good-looking dog. However, are you noticing the occasional growl, or snarl when you try to take something from him? Does he bark at other dogs? Have you seen him getting possessive … Read more

Why is my Schnoodle Shedding? Help!

Perhaps the main reason you chose a Schnoodle was their low shedding factor? But now you are faced with a shedding Schnoodle and are feeling a bit upset? Fear not, we are here to examine the possible reasons your Schnoodle may be shedding and offer help to these potential problems. Generally speaking, they shouldn’t shed … Read more

Are Schnoodles Born with Tails?

Schnauzer meets Poodle and you get the Schnoodle – a lovely designer breed that developed in the 1980s. It is not yet a breed recognized by the kennel clubs, although both the Schnauzer and the Poodle breeds are. Are Schnoodles born with tails? If so, why are they docked? Is this legal? Are there any … Read more