What Causes Bloat in Poodles? How Can it Be Prevented?

This post should be referred to for educational purposes only. I would always advise that you consult your veterinarian to discuss your pet’s health or concerns you may have. Have you ever experienced that “bloated feeling” in your stomach? This can sometimes happen when we eat a bit too much food or swallow excess air … Read more

Do Poodles Have a High Prey Drive? What Will They Chase?

Considering a Poodle but worried they will run here, there, and everywhere after anything that dares to move? Concerned you’ll never be able to let your gorgeous Poodle off the leash to have fun outdoor adventures? Fed up with Poodles getting a bad reputation for having high prey drives? Perhaps you are a Doodle owner … Read more

7 Poodle Mixes with Straight Hair (With Pictures)

When a Poodle mix has a straight coat, it means it shares its coat characteristics with the non-Poodle used in the breeding process. Unfortunately, due to being crossbreeds, it can be very difficult to predict what coat the puppies will have. It’s not an exact science and even the most careful breeding can harbor some … Read more

Poodle Hair Types: Coats, Colors and Maintenance

When we talk about Poodles, it’s very easy to conjure up the perfect image in our minds. Graceful, intelligent, and perfect curly coats which Poodles are renowned for. We are here to top up your knowledge of Poodle coats and to talk you through the differences there are. It’s not a one size fits all … Read more

Poodle Color Breeding Chart

How Many Colors of Poodles are there? Poodles come in many colors and patterns and that’s what we’re going to explore in this article. Let’s start with solid colors. Solid colored Poodles are the same color all over with no markings. Poodle Colors Black – Black is one of the most popular colors and many … Read more

10 Poodle Mixes that don’t Look like Poodles

You may or may not be aware that the classic “Doodle” look is just how a Poodle looks that hasn’t been trimmed. The classic Poodle look dates back to the days of when they were working dogs. Retrieving ducks and other waterfowl meant much of their working day was spent in and out of the … Read more

How Do Poodles Show Affection? Like This

Man’s best friend wasn’t a phrase penned for no reason and Poodles are a great example of the relationship between humans and dogs. Families make the decision to get a dog for a whole host of reasons; company, a love for animals, to keep another dog company, or perhaps to fill an empty nest. I … Read more

11 Popular Poodle Mixes that don’t Shed or Smell

It is impossible to have a completely hypoallergenic dog – even if they don’t shed, they still produce dander which can be irritating for allergy sufferers. However, for the purpose of this article, we endeavor to bring to you 11 popular Poodle mixes that don’t shed or smell. By shedding, we mean your pooch doesn’t … Read more

8 Poodle Mixes that Tolerate Being Alone

An important question to consider when committing to a new dog is just how happy they are to be left alone frequently?  Some dogs tolerate being alone more than others. We set out to explore 8 Poodle mixes which are considered happy to be left to their own devices as part of their normal routine. … Read more