The Agouti Poodle – What is it and is it Rare?

You may not have heard the term agouti much, or even at all. However, you will definitely have seen agouti-colored animals many times although you might never have seen or heard of an agouti Poodle. What do we Mean When we Say Agouti? Agouti is one of the most widely seen and oldest animal color … Read more

Phantom Poodles – 7 Things You Need to Know

The Phantom Poodle: although its name may sound on the spooky side there is definitely nothing sinister about this pooch. Rather than referring to some poor earthbound Poodle ghost, the term Phantom has been coined to describe the unusual coloring and coat pattern that some dogs exhibit. Now that you have come out from behind … Read more

The Moyen Poodle: 11 Things you Should Know

Most people are aware of three size categories of the Poodle clan namely the Standard, Miniature and Toy however there is a lesser known fourth option known as the Moyen Poodle. Perhaps the term is new to you, read on to find out 11 key facts about this particular exotic sounding member of the Poodle … Read more

Do Poodles Have Whiskers? Let’s Find Out

Poodles do indeed have whiskers. Have you ever noticed thicker hairs next to their mouth and wondered what they are? They are, in actual fact, whiskers. All Poodles have whiskers. In fact, all dogs and most mammals have them except us humans. What Are Whiskers? Whiskers on a dog are longer thicker hairs, referred to … Read more

Why is my Poodle so Skinny? Is it Normal?

Poodles are often easily recognizable for their lean build, elegant long legs, and narrow waists.  So much so that the modern-day Poodle cuts seen at pedigree dog shows actively accentuate the Poodle’s model-like proportions.  As a result, it can be a common concern for Poodle owners as to whether their pooch is just slender or … Read more