Best Poodle Mix for Running and Hiking: Our Top Picks

Running and hiking can sometimes be rather lonely pursuits. It can be tricky finding friends or partners who match your athleticism or are available at short notice when you want to go hit the trails. While some people love the solitude, I personally, find the addition of a furry four-legged pacer much more enjoyable. Poodle … Read more

What Is the Best Poodle Mix for Seniors?

Many people can find themselves with a quiet house in their golden years. These days it is not uncommon for family to be spread throughout the world and while phones and the internet can help, there really is no replacement for genuine contact. Loneliness and social isolation in senior citizens are more than an inconvenience. … Read more

Do Poodles Make Good Pets for Seniors?

Whether you are a retired couple or a single senior there are a plethora of benefits that a Poodle can bring to the fall of your life. From encouraging a daily walk to take care of your fitness, to the companionship of a head on your lap during cold winter evenings. Poodles make great pets … Read more

Silver Standard Poodle – A Complete Guide

The Standard Poodle is arguably one of the most sophisticated and elegant members of the dog world. Their long legs, complicated grooming styles, and somewhat aloof attitude only add to their grandeur. While the pure White or Black Standard Poodle may be seen often trotting around a show ring, the more elusive and as a … Read more

Can you be Allergic to a Poodle? A Hot Topic Explored

Yes, you can be allergic to a Poodle. It is less likely than some other breeds of dog, but it really does depend on the severity of your allergies. Steps can be taken to minimize symptoms but ultimately if a Poodle triggers your allergies, it may mean that you are not compatible with the breed. … Read more

Can a Toy Poodle be a Service Dog? You Bet!

Due to their small stature, Toy Poodles will not make effective guide or physical assistance dogs. Too small to retrieve they could also potentially pose a tripping hazard. However, their intuitive nature means that they can be and are used as alert, therapy, and/or mental health support dogs. What are the Different Types of Service … Read more

Are Poodles Good for First-Time Dog Owners?

Many people dream of hitting adulthood and being able to get their own place, pick their own furniture and generally be independent. I, on the other hand, could not wait to live on my own and finally get the dog I had always longed for. As a child, I had loved visiting friends who had … Read more