Do Newfypoo Dogs Drool? Less Than a Newfoundland?

Newfypoos will drool much less than their Newfoundland parent. The Poodle influence will mean that their jowls are not floppy, the reason behind a drooling dog. An F1 Newfypoo will have a beard and mustache though which will often be wet after drinking. This can be confused with drooling. The Newfypoo is one of the … Read more

How Much Do You Feed a Newfypoo Puppy? Our Guide

One of the most commonly asked questions by new or prospective puppy owners, especially those that are getting a large or giant breed puppy such as the Newfypoo is how much he should eat. I often receive messages from the owners of my pups checking in regarding their pup’s eating habits and asking for reassurance … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Newfypoo Breed

History of the Newfoundland Dog When talking about the wonderful Newfypoo, the first thing that should be considered is where this wonderful breed originated from. Most of us are familiar with one of the breeds that makes up the Newfypoo, the wonderful Poodle (usually the Standard Poodle is used to breed Newfypoo’s but not always, … Read more

Do Newfypoos have Webbed Feet? Let’s Find Out

What a strange question! Although it’s one that you must have asked to find yourself here. Who would have thought of the possibility that dogs could even have webbed feet, isn’t that a duck thing? Why would a dog even need webbed feet, what benefits can it have, and does it apply to all dogs? … Read more