Maltipoo Papillon Mix: An Introduction

Small dogs are all the rage these days, and in recent years it has become clear that an increasing number of owners are looking to downsize with their next furry friend. However, a small package does not mean you have to compromise on a big personality, and today we are discussing the Maltipoo Papillon mix, … Read more

Maltipoo Pug Mix: What’s It Like?

The Maltipoo is sometimes referred to as the cutest dog in the world due to its big eyes and teddy bear like coat. The Pug on the other hand often splits opinion between those who adore their oversized, sometimes bulbous, eyes and flat muzzle and those who think they have not been blessed in the … Read more

All About the Maltipoo Havanese Mix

If you like your Poodle hybrids on the small and fluffy side, boy do we have a delight for you! In this article, we will look at what could arise from crossing the impossibly adorable Maltipoo with another little bundle of silken hair, the Havanese. Now spoiler alert upfront, the reason you may not have … Read more

The Maltipoo Pomeranian Mix Explained

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Maltipoo Chihuahua Mix: Chi-Maltipoo Facts

If you like your Doodle hybrids decidedly on the smaller size, look no further, the Maltipoo Chihuahua cross may be the little dog of your dreams. This pint-sized offering brings to the table some undeniably cute physical characteristics in addition to a loving yet spunky nature. If we have piqued your interest read on as … Read more

Maltipoo and Yorkie Mix – All is Explained

Just when you thought you had seen it all in the adorable tiny dog world, someone somewhere came up with the impossibly cute Maltipoo and Yorkie Mix. These scampish, cheeky, bright-eyed bundles are instant heartbreakers and make great companion pets. So, without much further ado, let us take a delve into the details of this … Read more

Do Maltipoos Change Color?

Maltipoos come in an abundance of gorgeous colors which adds to their popularity. They get this color variety mainly from the Poodle influence seeing as though Maltese generally only come in three colors – white, white with lemon, and white with tan. Have you got your heart set on a particular coat color and want … Read more