Why are Doodles so Popular? Our Fact-Finding Mission

In recent years, poodle mixes have become hugely popular, but the resulting breeds are not without their critics. In this article we’ll explore the doodle craze. We’ll look at how it all started and how it’s evolved. We’ll find out why some are against poodle mixes and towards the end, share our views on doodles … Read more

Why Does my Doodle have a Pink Nose?

The color of a dog’s nose is largely dependent on their breed and their color. Like most traits, the color of their nose is down to genetics. Did you know that there are five different colors that your Doodle’s nose could be? When we say five that’s five main colors, like their coat their nose … Read more

Do Doodles Have Sensitive Stomachs? What you Need to Know

You have decided that a Doodle is for you but you’re still going through the ‘which one’ process. Known health issues are always a consideration when looking for a dog and we know that different breeds all come with their own predisposed problems. But what about tummy issues in Doodles? Are they a problem? Are … Read more

What is the Calmest Doodle Breed? We Investigate

A Doodle is a cross between a purebred poodle and another purebred dog. There are so many doodle breeds to choose from – over 40 in fact, so finding one with a calm temperament can be daunting.  You need to be sure the breed you choose is a breed which will ultimately fit into your … Read more