Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Thick Coats

A huge part of Doodle ownership is grooming. We all love the gorgeous ‘teddy bear’ style coats sported by our Doodles, but we also know that these coats can be hard work to take care of and require a lot of maintenance. Doodles need clipping or at least trimming every 6-12 weeks. If you have … Read more

Doodles and Separation Anxiety: What you Need to Know

There are so many questions running through potential dog owners’ minds before picking their forever pup. You may wonder about training, how they’ll get on with other dogs and if they’ll be gentle around smaller children. Anxiety issues may be another question on your mind. It’s important to ask yourself if your new addition to … Read more

Can Doodles Be Registered? A Look Across The Globe

Doodles are an ever-popular breed of dog. They usually cost a pretty penny, which leaves most people wanting to register them, just as they would any of their dogs. People often register purebred dogs and receive papers for them. These papers are proof of the dog’s breed and ancestry, making them essential to people that … Read more

What is the Best Food for Doodles? Our Feeding Guide

It’s a very important question as the diet of your Doodle is as important as yours. They require proteins, fatty acids, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. They will need a different diet at different stages in their life and each dog, like us, will have individual needs. Each dog’s dietary requirement will be individual. This will … Read more

How Big Does a St Berdoodle get? Size and Growth Chart

Let’s talk St Berdoodles. Perhaps you’ve only just heard of the St Berdoodle, one of the newest and possibly lesser-known hybrid dog breeds. Perhaps you’ve seen a photo of one of these beauties or even met one and are considering becoming a St Berdoodle owner yourself. If so, one of the first questions you’re likely … Read more