Puppy won’t Poop Outside – Why Does it Refuse?

The anticipation of getting a new puppy, a brand-new furry member of the family, can be an exciting magical time. Most prospective owners are filled with thoughts of cute bundles of fluff curled up sleeping or pouncing playfully on an unsuspecting soft toy. Of course, some challenges are to be expected and there will be … Read more

Why Does My Dog Bury His Head in the Couch?

I bet us dog owners could write a multi-million selling novel on the weird and wonderful things our dogs do. Some of them are entertaining, some make our hearts melt, some make us despair, and some leave us downright confused. Ever sit next to your pooch and wonder just why they bury their head in … Read more

Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat?

It is an age-old question amongst pet lovers – are you a dog or a cat person? Of course, some people genuinely love both and share their home with both feline and canine companions. However, there is a significant proportion who come down firmly on one side or another often with very decisive opinions. I … Read more

Are Yorkiepoos Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed?

Life is cruel sometimes. I had a friend all through school who was the biggest dog-fanatic you could ever meet, she had a puppy pencil case, dog posters on her wall, and every stuffed toy pooch you could imagine. Her parents finally relented and took her to a local dog shelter to pick a pup … Read more

Sheepadoodle Colors: Gray, Black, and More

If like me, you love the traits of the intelligent, non-shedding, and emotionally expressive Standard Poodle, you will understand my dismay and upset when my husband told me he hates them and that we would NEVER have one! He grew up with an Old English Sheepdog and he was adamant that this robust, bouncy, and … Read more

Reverse F1b Sheepadoodle – What’s the Deal?

There are many different terms associated with dog breeds and they can be somewhat overwhelming. In this article, we specifically look at the particular term reverse F1b. Whilst reverse F1b is a generic term across the Poodle mixes we are specifically concentrating on the Sheepadoodle as we explore how this is achieved. By the end … Read more

Is the Merle Gene Bad? We Investigate

What is the Merle Gene? Merle, as you might be aware is a particularly striking coat color/pattern seen in many breeds of dogs including Poodles and consequently Doodles. Merle dogs have a very beautiful distinctive mottled patterned coat, usually with a blue-grey base but they can also be red or black. They often have blue … Read more