Doodle Neck Sizes

There is a whole world of Doodles out there that come in just about every height, weight, and build imaginable. Crossing a minimum of two breeds to make a Doodle will always make them vary a bit in size even within one litter. While this level of choice is often something that draws in many … Read more

Do Dogs Ever Get Tired of Barking?

I bet all dog owners have uttered the frustrated question “does this dog ever get tired of barking”? I mean seriously, a long day of work has been done, you want nothing more than to relax in front of the TV and yet your crazy-clawed buddy has other ideas. Almost from the minute your derrière … Read more

Can You Always Feel Puppies in a Pregnant Dog?

How Long is a Dog Pregnant For? Breeding is very exciting even for experienced breeders and the period of time between mating and delivery can feel like an age but is in fact only around nine weeks long. The canine gestation period is on average only 63-65 days however just like with humans, this can … Read more

Puppy won’t Poop Outside – Why Does it Refuse?

The anticipation of getting a new puppy, a brand-new furry member of the family, can be an exciting magical time. Most prospective owners are filled with thoughts of cute bundles of fluff curled up sleeping or pouncing playfully on an unsuspecting soft toy. Of course, some challenges are to be expected and there will be … Read more

Why Does My Dog Bury His Head in the Couch?

I bet us dog owners could write a multi-million selling novel on the weird and wonderful things our dogs do. Some of them are entertaining, some make our hearts melt, some make us despair, and some leave us downright confused. Ever sit next to your pooch and wonder just why they bury their head in … Read more

Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat?

It is an age-old question amongst pet lovers – are you a dog or a cat person? Of course, some people genuinely love both and share their home with both feline and canine companions. However, there is a significant proportion who come down firmly on one side or another often with very decisive opinions. I … Read more

Are Yorkiepoos Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed?

Life is cruel sometimes. I had a friend all through school who was the biggest dog-fanatic you could ever meet, she had a puppy pencil case, dog posters on her wall, and every stuffed toy pooch you could imagine. Her parents finally relented and took her to a local dog shelter to pick a pup … Read more