F1b Goldendoodle Size – How Big Do They Get?

These loyal bundles of fluff will keep you and your family entertained for hours. Goldendoodles are clever, active, loving, and have the “Doodle” smile perfectly practiced for those moments when they’ve been a little naughty. How big are they as adult dogs though? The size of the F1b Goldendoodle can differ greatly. The main factors … Read more

Why does my Goldendoodle Lick so Much?

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Why is My Goldendoodle Scared of Everything?

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Do Goldendoodles have Dew Claws? All is Revealed

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Do Goldendoodles Like Water? Can They Swim?

Many dog breeds around the world are renowned for being water dogs and actively love being in the water. Seas, rivers, streams, and pools, so many dogs are happiest when swimming. This article sets out to explore the relationship between Goldendoodle and the water and we answer such questions as doo they like water and … Read more