How Far Can a Cockapoo Walk? It Depends!

We all know that bringing a dog into your home and family takes some serious commitment. It’s not just about the costs, the mess, the sleepless nights, and the fact someone else is now completely reliant on you. It’s also the time you will need to set aside for walking your dog – every single … Read more

Is a Cavapoo Calmer than a Cockapoo?

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Cavapoo vs Cockapoo – We Help you Decide

Both the Cavapoo and Cockapoo are extremely popular members of the Poodle crossbreed offerings. The rise in popularity of all Poodle crosses (collectively termed as Doodles) has been growing steadily since the early ’90s where people became aware that incorporating Poodle parentage can often result in offspring that to varying degrees inherit the low shedding … Read more

How Long do Cockapoos Live?

The only problem with falling in love with a dog is that they don’t live long enough. Entering into a love affair with your Cockapoo will mean accepting they probably won’t outlive you and will end up breaking your heart when they are ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. But how long can you expect … Read more

Caring for your Cockapoo Through the Seasons

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When do Cockapoo Puppies Calm Down?

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How Many Puppies do Cockapoos Have?

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Do Cockapoos have Breathing Problems? And Other Common Ailments

Cockapoos are a hugely appealing breed, after all, who can resist those floppy ears and adorable little faces? The many names penned for them match their many redeeming features. There is Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, Cock-A-Poo but most commonly, Cockapoo. The Poodle crossed Cocker Spaniel are a popular crossbreed among families and have many desirable traits. No … Read more