Caring for your Cockapoo Through the Seasons

We human beings are a funny old bunch. Some of us are never happier than in the baking heat while others love the cold side of the pillow and sleeping with a window open to stay super cool. But what about our little dog buddies? The Cockapoo is often prized for its impressive coat whether … Read more

When do Cockapoo Puppies Calm Down?

Maybe you are considering adding a little Cockapoo to your life. You have done your research; you have trawled the forums and you start to notice a common theme. Most owners profess undying devotion to their Cockapoo’s exalting their sweet natures and adorable appearance but frequently and in equal measure, they lovingly call them bonkers, … Read more

How Many Puppies do Cockapoos Have?

Unlike we humans, dogs very rarely only produce one offspring. This is likely something that most of us are already aware of. However, in this article, we seek to discover how many puppies a Cockapoo will produce with each litter. Whether each litter changes, how many litters are safe, and if the breed and/or size … Read more

Do Cockapoos have Breathing Problems? And Other Common Ailments

Cockapoos are a hugely appealing breed, after all, who can resist those floppy ears and adorable little faces? The many names penned for them match their many redeeming features. There is Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, Cock-A-Poo but most commonly, Cockapoo. The Poodle crossed Cocker Spaniel are a popular crossbreed among families and have many desirable traits. No … Read more

Why do Cockapoos Love Socks? You Might be Surprised

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Can Cockapoos be Left Outside? Will it Harm them?

The Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, both of which are originally (and sometimes still today) bred as working dogs. This could suggest that outside is a safe space for both breeds and their crossbred offspring. However, that’s not necessarily the case. We take a look at how long a … Read more