The Flandoodle Breed: Health, Temperament, and Care

The Flandoodle is one of the least well known of the Doodle breeds, indeed one you may never have heard of at all! What is a Flandoodle? This unusual Doodle is a cross between the Bouvier Des Flandres and the Standard Poodle. Both are large, non-shedding breeds themselves which means that the Flandoodle is always … Read more

Giant Doodle Dog Breeds – A Complete Guide

A dog is classified as a giant once it hits 100lbs in weight. There are many Doodle crosses that fall into the category. These include the Newfypoo, the Bernedoodle, the St Berdoodle, the Great Danoodle, and the Irish Wolfadoodle. Giant Doodles can weigh in at over 150lbs and stand up to 36″ tall. Introduction to … Read more

Westiedoodle: The Ultimate Guide to the Westiepoo

The Westiedoodle or Westiepoo is the Doodle cross between the Poodle and the West Highland White Terrier. They are largely considered to be a small-sized dog with there being little to no difference in size between the male and female. They are sociable and family orientated. Intelligent and lively, they make excellent family pets and … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Newfypoo Breed

History of the Newfoundland Dog When talking about the wonderful Newfypoo, the first thing that should be considered is where this wonderful breed originated from. Most of us are familiar with one of the breeds that makes up the Newfypoo, the wonderful Poodle (usually the Standard Poodle is used to breed Newfypoo’s but not always, … Read more

Aussiepoo: The Ultimate Guide to the Aussiedoodle

The Aussiepoo or Aussiedoodle is the Doodle cross between the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. They are largely considered to be a medium-sized dog but some Standard Aussiedoodles grow enough to fall into the large category. Often known as the ‘Einstein” breed, they are super intelligent, fun-loving, and loyal. They make excellent family pets as … Read more

The Cavapoochon: The Ultimate Guide

The Cavapoochon, arguably one of the cutest dogs out there. Known as the dog which never grows old due to its sustained puppy type looks, this triple-cross breed is already a popular choice in the UK and is growing in popularity in the US. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about … Read more