The Labradoodle Border Collie Mix Explored

Border Collie’s first got the “Doodle treatment” by crossing them with purebred Poodles to create a Bordoodle.  These have gone on to become a popular Poodle cross. However, as time has gone by there has been development, intentional and accidental, of double hybrid Doodles.  This is where a Doodle such as a Labradoodle is mixed … Read more

The Labradoodle Beagle Mix Explored

There is something undoubtedly entertaining about Beagles. The floppy-eared rascals are almost cartoonish with their stubborn will and tendency to “sing” at length to alert their owners to any passing person, dog, car, or, well, just about anything. The Beagle has already had the “Doodle treatment” in being paired with the Poodle to become a … Read more

Maltipoo and Yorkie Mix – All is Explained

Just when you thought you had seen it all in the adorable tiny dog world, someone somewhere came up with the impossibly cute Maltipoo and Yorkie Mix. These scampish, cheeky, bright-eyed bundles are instant heartbreakers and make great companion pets. So, without much further ado, let us take a delve into the details of this … Read more

Cockapoo Shih Tzu Mix: Information and Facts

The popularity of the Cockapoo is undeniable. Sometimes it can feel as if just about everyone in the Western world either has or regularly visits someone with a Cockapoo. Naturally, if these little pocket rockets garner such affection, the next step would be to explore crossing it with other popular breeds in pursuit of improving … Read more