Do All Aussiedoodles have Blue Eyes?

We know that many human babies are born with blue eyes which either change color or remain blue. Is this true also for fur babies and, more specifically, Aussiedoodles? Are they all genetically predisposed to have blue eyes throughout their lives? How common is it for an Aussiedoodle to have blue eyes? Can you tell … Read more

Are Aussiedoodles Easy to Potty Train?

Feel a little nauseous at the thought of potty training your Aussiedoodle? Worried it’ll be like having a newborn baby with lots of sleepless nights? Perhaps this is the one thing putting you off taking the plunge to commit to a dog? We set out to explore whether Aussiedoodles respond well to potty training and … Read more

How are Aussiedoodles Bred? Our Guide

The Aussiedoodle, or the Aussiepoo, is bred by crossing the Australian Shepherd with the Poodle (Standard, Miniature, and Toy are all used). This creates an F1 (first generation) Aussiedoodle. Further generations can be bred by breeding 2 F1’s or backcrossing the F1 back to the parent breed. What is an Aussiedoodle? The Aussiedoodle is one … Read more

Are Aussiedoodles Barkers? We Investigate

We all know how super cute Aussiedoodles look with their floppy ears and gorgeous coats but how quiet are they? We discover if they are known for incessant barking or whether you’re unlikely to hear a peep from them. We look to tackle the myths around dogs known to be barkers and look into the … Read more

Aussiepoo: The Ultimate Guide to the Aussiedoodle

The Aussiepoo or Aussiedoodle is the Doodle cross between the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd. They are largely considered to be a medium-sized dog but some Standard Aussiedoodles grow enough to fall into the large category. Often known as the ‘Einstein” breed, they are super intelligent, fun-loving, and loyal. They make excellent family pets as … Read more