Best Brushes for Cavapoos: Grooming Tips

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In this article, we are back to a hot topic for all Doodle owners. Something that we all have to do on a daily basis and almost as important as walking or feeding your dog. You’ve guessed it ……. Grooming!!! Grooming is essential for your Cavapoo’s health as well as to keep him looking his best and needs to be done thoroughly to prevent matts and the heartbreak of having to have his lustrous locks completely shaved down.

It is vital to get right through the coat down to the skin every grooming session, paying particular attention to those pretty furnishings. Apart from practicing your grooming technique you also need the right tools for the job and choosing the best brushes and combs for your Cavapoo can be mind-boggling as there are thousands out there to choose from. We have made it easier for you by showing our top picks. Happy grooming Doodlers!

Best Overall

Dwpetzo Dog Cat Grooming Comb

Our pick for best overall is a surprisingly cheap and simple double-sided metal comb. You don’t always need something fancy or high tech to keep your Cavapoo’s coat in tip-top condition. This comb is my absolute must-have grooming item. In fact, when traveling light with my dogs I can get away with taking this one item!

This comb has sturdy round-tipped pins to avoid injuring your Cavapoo and a lightweight non-slip ergonomic handle making it equally comfortable for you to use. The double-sided design offers a coarse wide-toothed side which is perfect for breaking up small matts and loosening knots, and a fine-toothed side ideal for small areas (and our Cavapoo’s are small dogs) which also leaves a beautifully fluffy finish.

As an added bonus the manufacturer offers a 100% one-year satisfaction guarantee so if you are not happy with this comb (you will be!) simply send it back and receive a full refund. You literally can’t go wrong.

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Best Budget

Piepea Pet Comb, Stainless Steel Teeth Comb for Dogs

Our favorite budget-priced grooming tool is another comb. Quite simply because you can get away with a comb instead of a brush, but you can’t get away with a brush instead of a comb. So if you only have one grooming product item make sure it is a comb.

The Piepea comb is another 2-in-1 comb featuring wide and fine teeth although this time they are on the same side. Use the wide teeth to go through your Cavapoo’s coat then use the other end, with the finer teeth to finish. This comb has a textured, ergonomic handle that is comfortable to hold whilst being durable and should last for many years although at under $5 replacing it will not be painful for your wallet either.

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Best Set

ShedTitan Self Cleaning Slicker Brush & Dematting Pet Comb

Our choice for the best set is this slicker brush and metal comb combination from ShedTitan. This handy kit includes a detangler comb with unique long and short teeth that safely and effectively grooms the undercoat and longer topcoat at the same time.

Ideal for removing knots, tangles, and debris from your Cavapoo’s crowning glory, this comb also feels sturdy and comfortable to hold. Included in the set is a slicker brush with fine bent wire bristles that penetrate the coat beautifully, easily removes dried mud after wet day walks, and leaves a lovely fluffy finish.

This slicker has a useful self-cleaning action to make your grooming routine even easier. Simply push the clean button and the bristles will retract allowing you to wipe the accumulated hair away. No more removing hair from your slicker brush using your comb after each use.

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Best Metal Combs

LilPals Double-Sided Dog Comb

We’ve already established that a metal comb is the best tool you can use on your Cavapoo’s coat so here you can see our picks from the vast variety of combs available to purchase. The LilPals double-sided comb is made especially for small dogs like our Cavapoos and is a perfect size for grooming those fiddly areas such as paws, around the face, and under the armpits.

Another double-sided comb with both wide and fine teeth, you can ensure your little friend remains matt free and comfortable. The teeth are rounded at the tips so grooming will be a pleasant and comfortable experience for your dog while the rounded plastic handle makes it comfortable for you too.

A handy tip for grooming around the eyes to remove the dirt and sleep that can collect there is to wipe a tiny amount of baby oil on the fur underneath the eyes and gently comb through using the fine-toothed side of the comb. You’ll find the dirt will lift away easily with no need for trimming.

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Paw Brothers Poodle Comb with Stainless Steel Teeth for Professional Pet Groomers

This time we’ve gone for something a little different with the Paw Brothers Poodle comb, which is perfect if you like to keep your Cavapoo’s coat longer. The professional quality extra-long stainless-steel teeth easily penetrate even the fullest of coats getting right down to the skin every single groom.

The wooden handle gives a classy more ‘grown-up’ appearance than the bright plastic of its rivals and feels lovely in the hand. This simple but highly effective comb is a perfect example of less being more. Simple timeless quality and a beautifully groomed Cavapoo.

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Best Slicker Brushes

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This slicker made by Hertzko is perfect for getting rid of matts, dander, and trapped dirt leaving your Cavapoo looking and feeling fabulous. This is a great-looking sturdy slicker brush featuring the useful self-cleaning retractable bristle button.

This brush gets right through the coat without scratching the skin and helps to make grooming a pleasurable experience for even those reluctant dogs that hide at the sight of the brushes coming out. The comfort grip handle helps to avoid wrist strain making it just as comfortable for you, very important especially for the multi Doodle owner.

Another huge bonus for this slicker brush is that the bristles stay retracted inside the brush for storage which means they don’t get bent and damaged and you don’t have the painful experience of getting a bristle under your nail while delving into your grooming bag.

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Paw Brothers Stainless Steel Extra Long Hard Pin Slicker Large Brush for Professional Grooming

Another product from Paw Brothers, this professional quality slicker brush is sure to leave your Cavapoo looking like he’s just returned from the salon. This brush has rounded metal edges so won’t catch you or your dog, and is favored by many professional dog groomers.

The extra-long bent wire pins will go through the longest and thickest of coats effectively. The brush has a non-slip handle with a comfortable textured design. You will need to use your comb to remove hair from the bristles as the pins don’t retract. This truly is a top of the range slicker brush suitable for pet owners and professional groomers alike.

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Best Pin Brushes

Andis Premium Grooming Tools Pin Brush

This is a nice simple pin brush from one of the best-known names in animal grooming. A pin brush is another valuable grooming tool and this one literally does exactly what you would expect, easily brushing through your Cavapoo’s coat removing tangles, dirt, and loose hair.

Simply brush through with your pin brush, follow up with the comb, and ‘fluff’ with the slicker to finish. The Andis brush has a soft-grip handle for groomer comfort and reduced hand fatigue while the pinhead bristles ensure comfortable grooming for the dog. This brush comes in a variety of sizes with small being most suitable for your Cavapoo.

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Chris Christensen Original Little Wonder Pin Brush

This is a beautiful looking wooden pin brush that feels great in your hand and looks like something you’d see in a luxury hair salon. It has extra-long stainless-steel pins making getting right through your Cavapoos coat an easy task.

The size of this brush makes it ideal for Cavapoos and other small to medium breeds, and also means it fits easily in your pocket just in case you need to groom on the go. Great for quickly flicking foliage out of the coat while on country walks. Believe me, this is a huge plus point if you’ve ever had to stop mid-walk to pick burrs out of your Doodle’s coat before they get too deeply embedded. The Chris Christensen brush is also pretty enough to wrap as a gift for your Cavapoo owning friends.

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Best Packages

Alfie Pet – Devin 8-Piece Home Grooming Set

This grooming set from Alfie Pet contains everything you could ever need for grooming your Cavapoo plus a couple of items that (hopefully) you won’t need! The set includes:

  • 8″ Flea Comb
  • 8″ Double Comb
  • 7″ Demat Comb
  • 6.75″ Mat Breaker
  • 7″ Slicker Brush
  • 8.75″ Double Brush
  • 6.5″ Undercoat Rake
  • 6.25″ Nail Clipper
  • Microfiber Fast-Dry Towel.

The flea comb is useful if you suspect your pet may have any pesky lodgers whilst the matt breaker is ideal for cutting through any stubborn matts that you just can’t comb out any other way. The microfibre towel is perfect for wiping muddy paws after a walk or playing in the yard whilst the metal comb, pin brush, and slicker is ideal for your everyday grooming routine.

All the grooming tools included feature soft gel handles which honestly do feel amazing in your hand and prevent fatigue while grooming your dog. The whole kit fits into a zip lock storage bag which means you will never be hunting through the cupboard looking for the right brush or comb.

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Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush (with extra freebies including Pet Nail Clippers and 7.5” Steel Comb)

This kit from Ruff N Ruffus is simple but effective featuring a self-cleaning slicker brush, wide and fine-toothed comb, and a heavy-duty pet nail clipper. Start off with the wide-toothed side of the comb, follow with the fine-toothed side and then finish and flush using the lovely sturdy slicker brush.

Simply press the clean button and watch the accumulated hair slide off. You can even give your Cavapoo a manicure using the heavy-duty nail clippers which feature a safety stop to avoid cutting too short and catching the quick. Like the other slicker brushes we have looked at, the bent wire pins lock into place during grooming and retract for cleaning and convenient storage. All in all, this is a great value and a very useful little kit.

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