Can a Blue Heeler Live in an Apartment? We Find Out

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Yorkie Poo Pug Mix: A Short Study

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Colliedoodle Breed Guide – The Cadoodle Explored

The Colliedoodle is not a pure breed but a “designer dog” achieved by breeding the purebred Poodle with the purebred Collie. The Colliedoodle is not to be confused with the Bordoodle which is a cross using a specific type of Collie, the Border Collie. You can learn more about the Bordoodle in our Best Doodle … Read more

Cavapoo Yorkie Mix: Toy Doodle Fact File

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Dalmapoo Breed Overview – Your Guide to the Dalmadoodle

The Dalmapoo, also known as the Dalmadoodle, the Dalmatiandoodle, and the Dalmatianpoo is, as his name may suggest, a cross between the purebred Poodle and the purebred Dalmatian. They are classified as a medium to large breed weighing on average between 40lbs and 75lbs and measuring between 15” and 24” at the shoulder. The Dalmadoodle … Read more

Pomapoo Shih Tzu Mix: Unearthing the Facts

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