Goldendoodles Then and Now (With Pictures)

Goldendoodle puppies are arguably one of the cutest Doodle offerings out there. Impossibly soft wavy fur and big puppy dog eyes give them an often teddy bearish appearance. Everyone says they don’t stay long for little though and boy are they right! These little scamps grow quickly not just in size but in brains too … Read more

How Far Can a Cockapoo Walk? It Depends!

We all know that bringing a dog into your home and family takes some serious commitment. It’s not just about the costs, the mess, the sleepless nights, and the fact someone else is now completely reliant on you. It’s also the time you will need to set aside for walking your dog – every single … Read more

Will my Goldendoodle Get Curly? How to Tell

When taking home your little Goldendoodle puppy, it is completely natural to daydream about your future together.  It can be tricky though when looking down at a tiny, silken-coated pup to guess what they will really look like “all grown up”.  Many people will default to imaging a densely curled mop of fur but is … Read more

Is a Cavapoo Calmer than a Cockapoo?

There are lots of questions to ask yourself before committing to a new dog. Can you afford one? Can you train it? Will it need lots of walks? These questions are all fairly easy to answer. It is somewhat trickier trying to ascertain which dogs will be calmer than others. This is because every dog … Read more

The Clean Feet Poodle: Why are they Shaved?

Should I shave my Poodle’s feet is just one of the more complex questions you’ll find yourself asking as a Poodle owner. You’ll only have to glance at Google to realize hundreds of other owners have asked exactly the same question. If nothing else, this shows it’s a legitimate question and it’s right to raise … Read more

What is a Moyen Goldendoodle? All is Explained

You have done your research and feel you’re getting the hang of all this Doodle chat. You know your Labradoodle from your Goldendoodle and your Standard from your Miniature when all of a sudden, another curveball is thrown when someone offers up a Moyen Goldendoodle. But what is Moyen? What does it mean for the … Read more

What is a Pugoodle? All you Need to Know about the Pugapoo

The Pugoodle (also known as a Pugapoo) is a loving, intelligent, companion pet that combines some of the best attributes of its Poodle and Pug parentage. Often inheriting Poodle smarts with some trademark round expressive Pug eyes, these little scamps can quickly have the most unsuspecting human firmly wrapped around their little paws. In this … Read more