The Agouti Poodle – What is it and is it Rare?

You may not have heard the term agouti much, or even at all. However, you will definitely have seen agouti-colored animals many times although you might never have seen or heard of an agouti Poodle. What do we Mean When we Say Agouti? Agouti is one of the most widely seen and oldest animal color … Read more

Can You Always Feel Puppies in a Pregnant Dog?

How Long is a Dog Pregnant For? Breeding is very exciting even for experienced breeders and the period of time between mating and delivery can feel like an age but is in fact only around nine weeks long. The canine gestation period is on average only 63-65 days however just like with humans, this can … Read more

Why does my Goldendoodle Lick so Much?

Everyone knows dogs lick a lot, right? In fact, some of us crazy dog owners even sign cards from our dog with ‘love and licks’. Often even cartoon dogs are often portrayed giving out big sloppy licks, but have you ever wondered why? There are many reasons that Goldendoodles lick both you, themselves and objects. … Read more

Is the Merle Gene Bad? We Investigate

What is the Merle Gene? Merle, as you might be aware is a particularly striking coat color/pattern seen in many breeds of dogs including Poodles and consequently Doodles. Merle dogs have a very beautiful distinctive mottled patterned coat, usually with a blue-grey base but they can also be red or black. They often have blue … Read more