Do Poodles Have Whiskers? Let’s Find Out

Poodles do indeed have whiskers. Have you ever noticed thicker hairs next to their mouth and wondered what they are? They are, in actual fact, whiskers. All Poodles have whiskers. In fact, all dogs and most mammals have them except us humans. What Are Whiskers? Whiskers on a dog are longer thicker hairs, referred to … Read more

I Have a Sad Poodle – What’s the Problem?

To you, your dog is just a part of your world. To your dog, you are its entire world. I have always lived by this when it comes to my Doodles. I am constantly striving to ensure they are stimulated, challenged, loved, made to feel important and needed. If you have noticed a change in … Read more

How Long do Cockapoos Live?

The only problem with falling in love with a dog is that they don’t live long enough. Entering into a love affair with your Cockapoo will mean accepting they probably won’t outlive you and will end up breaking your heart when they are ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. But how long can you expect … Read more

Reputable Cavapoo Breeders: How to Choose

It can be a minefield deciding which Doodle you would prefer. However, the research isn’t over once you have made your choice. Finding a reputable breeder can be a long process and you need to make sure that you do your due diligence. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous ‘breeders’ out there who are only in … Read more

Are Schnoodles Aggressive?

Resembling a cute stuffed bear with its characteristic ears, fluffy eyebrows, Doodle mustache, and glorious beard, this Doodle breed mix certainly creates an incredibly good-looking dog. However, are you noticing the occasional growl, or snarl when you try to take something from him? Does he bark at other dogs? Have you seen him getting possessive … Read more

Cavapoo Breed Guide: An In-depth View

The Cavapoo, Cavadoodle, or the Cavoodle is a mixed breed dog. This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Poodle cross is considered to be a small breed dog, perfect for families or as companion dogs. Want to know more? Our complete guide to the Cavapoo will answer everything you need to know before plunging into the … Read more

F1b Goldendoodle Size – How Big Do They Get?

These loyal bundles of fluff will keep you and your family entertained for hours. Goldendoodles are clever, active, loving, and have the “Doodle” smile perfectly practiced for those moments when they’ve been a little naughty. How big are they as adult dogs though? The size of the F1b Goldendoodle can differ greatly. The main factors … Read more