Are Maltipoos Yappy? We Investigate

Toy breeds are often all tarnished with the same brush and words such as yappy, hyperactive, and excitable are often associated with Maltipoos. In this article, we set out to explore to what extent Maltipoos are yappy dogs and how they came to wear this title. We investigate the Maltipoo’s personality in an attempt to understand this yappy stereotyping. If you are intent on a Maltipoo and always wondered how true this yappy description was then please keep reading.

The term “yappy dog” has become somewhat of a stigma attached to toy breeds and is an inaccurate term. It’s very much based on opinion, not fact, and differs for each individual dog. All breeds have the potential to bark a lot, it ultimately boils down to each dog’s environment. 

Let’s explore why some dogs earn the yappy description and investigate ways of reducing barking by first identifying why they may be barking in the first place. It’s time to separate fact and fiction.

The Maltipoo Personality

Maltipoos are the type of dogs suitable for most people in that they are affectionate, easy to train, good with kids, and can be good around other pets. They have an active energy level but with plenty of exercise and play, your pooch will be very happy. They are happy in small apartments and don’t like being kept outdoors. Maltipoos make great therapy dogs too with the right training.

Are Maltipoos Yappy?

There’s no point skirting around the edges so let’s tackle the question head-on. The Maltese and Toy/Miniature Poodle cross is known as a lively and friendly dog. They can be quite excitable and do require daily exercise to curb unwanted behaviors.

They sometimes bark quite a lot and for this reason, make good watchdogs as they do enjoy watching over the home and their territory. It is something to take into consideration when looking to home a Maltipoo, especially if they will be home alone a lot or you have an aversion to loud noises.

To balance the views out we must also look to the parent breeds and find out if they are renowned for barking. Toy Poodles do have a reputation as being somewhat yappy – this is mainly down to their need to be around others and not being left too much to their own devices. Maltese dogs are very alert so they may bark a lot especially if they have a window view of the world outside.

Why Do Maltipoos Bark?

The million-dollar question – just why do Maltipoos bark and can this be deterred? All dogs bark from time to time and some more than others. However, it’s not necessarily down to the breed of dog that determines the regularity of barking. It’s more to do with the environment the dog is in. Let’s look at some possible reasons your Maltipoo might start barking excessively.

  • Is your pooch bored? Boredom can send a dog a little crazy, especially if they have no outlet to get rid of their pent-up energy. Ensure your dog has a walk or play before it’s left alone. Also, ensure there are toys and stimulation left for your pup should you be gone for a while.
  • Is your Maltipoo lonely? Man’s best friend was a description penned with much meaning. Dogs need attention and crave being around their human family as much as possible. If they don’t get this attention you may get a dog that barks a lot.
  • Is your Maltipoo excitable? If your pup gets easily excited this may cause their emotions to overspill and start to repeatedly bark. Sometimes when dogs sense a walk coming or someone coming to the door you will witness this excessive barking.
  • Is your pup anxious? A worried or fearful dog may take solace in barking as a way of trying to communicate their feelings. The trick is finding what triggers their anxiety and go from there.
  • Does your dog see themselves as a protector? All dogs have an instinctive desire to protect their home and family. This is why so many dogs watch out the window and bark at passers-by.

How To Deter A Yappy Dog

So, you’ve got your gorgeous Maltipoo home and they seem settled, but they are barking a lot. Is there anything that can help reduce this barking or is it simply part of their personality and here to stay? There are things you can try which may well reduce your Maltipoo’s barking.

Firstly, and most importantly is training – get this right from the offset and your dog will learn right from wrong. There are a few commands which will help with excessive barking including “quiet” and “stop”. Teaching your dog these and rewarding them when they stop will go a long way to having some control of this behavior.

It will depend on the reason for your dog’s barking as to how you proceed to reduce it so it may well be a process of elimination. If it’s anxiety, then try and create a less stressful environment. If it’s boredom then give them things to do – walks, playtime, cuddles, and mental stimulation will all help tire your Maltipoo.

If your Maltipoo enjoys looking out the windows and this is the cause for most of their barking, then you can either use the “quiet” command if at home or reduce what they can see while you are out. Perhaps they’d be more settled in a room without access to a window, or their crate if not for too long.

Opinion vs Fact

Just why do Maltipoos wear this yappy label and is it in any way backed by fact? Maltipoos, like many Toy breeds, were bred as companion dogs. A companion dog is there to be noticed and sometimes heard. They do need attention, they do need exercise and they do need company. Without these basic needs being met you may well find yourselves with a yappy Maltipoo.

However, dogs all have individual personalities and it’s simply not correct to assume all Maltipoos will be yappy. The theory of yappy dogs is therefore very much based on opinion. We aren’t saying your Maltipoo won’t bark, and we aren’t saying you’ll have a quiet one. What we are saying is that each dog will be different, and it often comes down to their environment rather than their personality.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the main point is to never judge a book by its cover. Small dogs have sadly too often been assumed yappy even without meeting one first. All dogs can be trained to know right from wrong. Excessive barking can be curbed so that it’s no longer a problem. Barking is a dog’s way of communicating so if you find yourselves with a yappy Maltipoo it’s time to figure out what they are trying to tell you. It’s essential to teach your Maltipoo when to bark and when to be quiet, and this is very achievable.

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Are Maltipoos Aggressive?

Maltipoos are not known for displaying aggressive behavior. They are happiest in your lap and like to please their owners. If your Maltipoo shows signs of aggression, then this definitely needs investigating as there will be an underlying reason.