Are Maltipoos Good with Other Dogs?

Arguably one of the most important questions to find answers to is if your dog will get along with other dogs. It could be that you already have another dog and want to get a Maltipoo, or maybe you want reassurance your Maltipoo will behave off the leash? Having a dog with aggressive qualities can be hugely stressful and difficult to overcome. It’s therefore very beneficial to know what to expect from the breed you are choosing.

Maltipoos generally get on well with other dogs and can coexist well with other pets. They are a small breed, so they are best suited to dogs not much bigger than themselves. They enjoy company and can suffer from separation anxiety so a second dog can be a great solution to this.

Overwhelmed at the thought of two dogs and worried about the practical side of things? Or perhaps you are concerned about walking your Maltipoo around other dogs? Is your Maltipoo prone to barking at dogs thus causing problems? Let’s explore this further.

The Maltipoo Breed

The Maltipoo is a cross between the Poodle and the Maltese. The Poodle used in the breeding process is usually the Toy or Miniature and Maltipoos are classified as a small breed.

Poodles are smart, happy, loyal, and active dogs who make great family pets. Maltese dogs are described as gentle, clever, great companions, and very friendly. Poodles come from a working background as water dogs whereas Maltese dogs were bred among the wealthy as companions.

You can expect a Maltipoo’s temperament to be a combination of the parent breeds. You should have a dog of high intelligence, who is friendly, playful, and forever loyal. They do like to have a bark at things going on outdoors, but this just makes them a great watchdog.

They are good family dogs but being small makes them prone to being hurt quite easily so young children should be closely supervised around your pup. They weigh, on average, between 4lbs and 25lbs, and stand between 6” and 15” tall.

Do Maltipoos Get Along with Other Dogs?

We’ve talked a little about the Maltipoo personality so what does this mean in terms of getting along with other dogs and pets? Generally speaking, your Maltipoo should be fine around other dogs.

Just bear in mind their size. If you have a bigger dog already you’ll need to be very mindful of the size difference. Should your other dog be on the boisterous side then this could potentially injure your Maltipoo. All dogs like to pretend to fight and play together, so ideally dogs should be roughly the same size.

Introducing two new dogs should be a very gradual process over a longer period. You can’t put two dogs who have never met together in a room and leave them be. Instead, it needs careful planning, adult supervision, patience, and lots of praise and rewards. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the time they are together. It’s also important that no one feels pushed out, lavish lots of attention on your dogs as it’s a whole new situation for them to deal with.

If you are keen to get another dog to accompany your Maltipoo it’s important to make sure they are well socialized from the start. A well-socialized dog is going to be much more accepting of a new dog than an unsocialized one. Consistent training, on the whole, is vital to bringing up a well-behaved dog.

Maltipoos can suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone so, another dog as company can be a really positive step for this breed. You should never leave them alone until they’ve been together a while and have worked out their relationship with each other. But on the whole, a companion for your Maltipoo can be a great thing.

Are Maltipoos Good with Cats and Small Animals?

Perhaps you have a cat, pet rabbit, or some mice and you want to know if Maltipoos will try and chase or harm them? Well, Maltipoos do have a fairly high prey drive so they may well try and chase smaller animals.

It doesn’t mean the two can’t coexist though, it will just take some training on the Maltipoo’s behalf. Small animals should never be left alone with dogs at any time.

Are Maltipoos Aggressive?

In broad terms, Maltipoos are not known to have an aggressive nature. They are sociable, like being with others, and love playtimes. Aggression isn’t high on their agenda but having said this, it can rear its head under certain circumstances.

You might have the most placid dog going until you are outdoors and your Maltipoo spots another dog. This meet and greet might start with wagging tails but it only takes a slight change in the atmosphere for your Maltipoo to get defensive.

Smaller dogs in particular have a bad rep for yapping at other dogs in passing. This can be nipped in the bud very early on though, and very much should be. No dog should ever be let off the leash if they are prone to running up to other dogs to bark or growl at them.

The same goes for bringing a new dog home to meet your Maltipoo. Your Maltipoo might react well, with the best possible outcome. However, it often isn’t a smooth process and your Maltipoo might show some signs of aggression even. This doesn’t mean it’s a failed mission. It means your Maltipoo feels threatened and needs time and gradual introductions which can be built over time.

We’ve put together some tips to help ensure your Maltipoo will be well behaved and obedient around other dogs.

  • Recall Training: Off the leash, your dog must come back to you when commanded, no matter what they are doing.
  • Realize who is Boss: Your Maltipoo needs to know you are in charge and must also respect you. Respect is earned through positive experiences, never punishment.
  • Through Socialization: Make sure your dog is around other dogs early on through classes, play dates, or walking. A dog that is well used to being around all shapes and sizes will be better behaved.
  • Dog Training: Teaching new commands and skills keeps your Maltipoo busy and helps them acquire obedience.
  • Recognize Signs of Aggression: If your dog’s body stiffens, they stare, form a low growl, and stiffen their tail, the chances are they feel threatened. When this happens don’t approach other dogs or animals.
  • Positive Experiences: Try to have as many positive experiences as you can around other dogs. Your Maltipoo will learn it’s fun to socialize and not something to fear.

Related Questions

Are Maltipoos Calm Dogs?

Maltipoos are a relatively calm breed and are happiest around their loved ones. They do enjoy playtimes and walks but are also chilled out indoors. Like with most dogs, with enough attention and exercise they’ll be happy to relax.

Are Maltipoos Clingy?

Maltipoos can be prone to separation anxiety which can make them your shadow. They like to follow their favorite person around and have lots of cuddles. They can get lonely if left alone too often which can cause problematic behavior.