Are Aussiedoodles Calm? Aussiepoo Temprement Explored

If you are considering bringing an Aussiedoodle into your home and family, you may be wondering just how they will fit in. You need to know whether they will be calm or good around children. If you have other pets you will need to consider how they may be with them. The biggest question of all may be around their exercise needs and the consequences of not meeting them.

Aussiedoodles are an active breed that requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Their herding instincts can sometimes lead them to get over-excited around other animals. Consistent training, lots of walks, and plenty of attention are all imperative in creating a calm and happy Aussiepoo.

In this article, we set out to explore everything you need to know about how calm the Aussiepoo really is. By the time you’ve read to the end, you will know if they are your perfect fit for you.

A Bit About the Breed

Many of the Aussiedoodle’s traits will relate to their history and parentage. A combination of Poodle and Australian Shepherd is what brings us the Aussiepoo. Both of these parent breeds were originally bred as working dogs who thrived in a work environment.

By default, Aussiedoodles thrive the most around their human owners and other family members. They are at their happiest with a job to do, keeping both their mind and body active. They are highly intelligent animals, and this can bring its own challenges.

You can read further into the history of the Aussiepoo and a more in-depth look into their personality and needs in our sister article Aussiepoo: The Ultimate Guide to the Aussiedoodle.

The Aussiedoodle Temperament

How calm your Aussiedoodle is will very much depend on their individual personality. However, how much physical and mental stimulation they get will also have a huge impact. Due to their ancestors, they are likely to have herding instincts which can prove problematic at times.

Sometimes owners find their Aussiedoodle to be a bit like Jekyll And Hyde, in that they are calm and chilled indoors but like a hurricane outdoors. They adore being outside whether it’s walking, running, playing fetch, or swimming. With properly structured obedience training your Aussiepoo should behave outside allowing you both to enjoy yourselves.

They can have a tendency to chase smaller animals so it’s paramount to complete recall training before letting your dog off the lead. Make the most of their fetch instincts by playing frisbee or ball together.

Indoors your Aussiedoodle should be content to chill with the family as long as all their physical and mental needs have been met. They enjoy being around you and you may find your pooch becomes rather stuck to your side around the home.

They are companion dogs and to be your companion is their greatest desire. They love to play, they love to cuddle and you shouldn’t normally have any issues with them as they are normally gentle-natured dogs. They are usually only likely to act up when they are not getting something they crave. This can be both physical or mental exercise or even a combination of the two.

What about other personality traits of the Aussiedoodle? We know they are very smart and enjoy using their minds as much as their bodies. They like having tasks to do – whether that’s a game of fetch or a mentally stimulating game. Intelligence is great in dogs, but they can become bored if they don’t get to use these skills to their full potential.

They love attention and will be happy to lay around with their loved ones. They are considered good with children, but it is always important that children are taught to be respectful and kind towards them. They need to know when the dog wants to be left alone and this is why dogs having their own area is so important. It doesn’t matter how well-behaved children are though, they should never be left alone with the dog.

Aussiedoodles can be quite possessive and territorial from time to time so it’s important to have this under control from the offset. If you have a pet already or are considering one alongside your Aussiepoo then be sure to get this right from the start. Gradually introduce the two animals very slowly building up the time more at each introduction. Bear in mind what we’ve already said about herding and make sure they both have their own space when needed.

Socialization is key to a well-tempered dog. From day one (or as soon as they are vaccinated) be sure to get your dog used to being around other animals. Dog walks, playing on fields, and puppy classes can all be a great fun way to get your dog well socialized. The more socialized they are the less likely they’ll be territorial or aggressive around others. Being around other dogs should be a regular thing for them – it tires them out and teaches them so much.

Ways to Keep Your Aussiepoo Calm and Happy

Perhaps you’ve searched the internet because despite Google telling you that your Aussiedoodle is fairly calm you have found quite the opposite? Fear not, we are here to help with tips to help you get the best out of your Aussiedoodle. Here are our hints and tips to a calmer and happier pooch:

  • Show Them Who is Boss – Aussiedoodles are incredibly smart and they will try to use this to their advantage from time to time. Sometimes they can be a bit possessive of their human owner, showing jealousy to others. This won’t be a problem as long as they understand the pecking order.
  • Give Attention and Cuddles – They love company, so shower them in affection when you can so they feel loved. They might find it quite hard when you leave them home alone so make up for this on your return.
  • Lots of Physical Exercise – A well-exercised Aussiedoodle will equate to a calmer one indoors. They are an active breed and need at least an hour of outdoor activity a day. For this reason, they do better in homes with a yard or good walks on the doorstep.
  • Mental Stimulation – Nurture their intelligence and don’t underestimate how important being mentally busy can be. Dog puzzles, tricks, and toys are all great ways to keep your dog’s mind active. They are more likely to sleep after a session using their brain.
  • Toy Rotation – Keep your dog looking forward to each day by rotating their toys so they can have different experiences.
  • Training – This is such an important task with any dog breed. Training is the key to a well-balanced and happy dog. It lets them use their brains, keeps them active, and strengthens bonds between dog and owner.
  • Swimming – It’s likely your Aussiedoodle will love a swim and it’s a great way to tire them out so that they sleep once home.

A Final Note

Aussiedoodles can be calm and loving dogs when they are in the right environment for their needs. They may manage relatively well in apartments but larger houses with an outside area are preferable. If your accommodation is on the smaller side, you may want to consider a smaller breed.

They will be happy and content as long as they get a good balance of walks, playtime, and affection. They are calm enough to be around other pets as long as you are aware of their herding instincts and early and consistent training is achieved.