Labradoodle Dachshund Mix: What We Found

When it comes to man’s best friend, there are some breeds that stand out as top dog. The most preferred four-legged friends out there currently include the Labrador: the big friendly giant, the Poodle: the smart and stylish, and the Dachshund: the sweet little sausage. If your heart is torn between these three breeds (and … Read more

Peekapoo Chihuahua Mix: Our Research Shared

For those with a love of small dogs, the Peekapoo Chihuahua presents a match of one of the smallest purebred dogs, the Chihuahua, and one of the tinier Doodle hybrids, the Peekapoo. If you are already dreaming up images of a pint-sized shaggy-haired pup with undeniable Chihuahua sass, a rambunctious Peekapoo spirit and a serious … Read more

The Labradoodle Chihuahua Mix Explained

When breeding dogs, some pairings are obvious – and at this point in time, if the breeds make sense together – it will most likely exist. But this may not be the case with more unusual pairings, and the Chihuahua Labradoodle mix may be the cross you never knew you needed! Sound Interesting? Then strap … Read more

Maltipoo Pug Mix: What’s It Like?

The Maltipoo is sometimes referred to as the cutest dog in the world due to its big eyes and teddy bear like coat. The Pug on the other hand often splits opinion between those who adore their oversized, sometimes bulbous, eyes and flat muzzle and those who think they have not been blessed in the … Read more

All About the Maltipoo Havanese Mix

If you like your Poodle hybrids on the small and fluffy side, boy do we have a delight for you! In this article, we will look at what could arise from crossing the impossibly adorable Maltipoo with another little bundle of silken hair, the Havanese. Now spoiler alert upfront, the reason you may not have … Read more

The Goldendoodle Chihuahua Mix Explored

It is certainly not the first combination that springs to mind for most people when conjuring up a possible new hybrid but hear us out. Maybe the somewhat outlandish pairing of Goldendoodle and Chihuahua could offer up something truly unique. In this article, we will explore what this cross could have to offer and why … Read more